Samsung ice maker not working but water does

Samsung ice maker not working but water does. Samsung ice maker makes quick and strong ice, but because of many technicals problem, it stops making the ice.

It is triggered when the water inlet becomes faulty, the worst filter, defective module, Due to the highest freezing temperature, low pressure of the water, defective ice make assembly, and more.

You are not only a person who face it, but in many situations, it happens to almost all its users. It is a machine, and you should not make trust it.

Samsung ice maker not working but water does

If you clean the filter, adjust the water inlet valve, set the temperature, make the assembly accurate and adjust the module correctly, the ice maker issue will solve perfectly.

If you are waiting for a fast solution, your wait is over. In this article, there are all procedures for troubleshooting the ice maker.

Turn down the temperature

turn down the temperature

The ice maker stops making the ice because of the high temperature. If the temperature of the icemaker is set high can reduce the performance and make the ice incorrect. The temperature should be 0 Fahrenheit.

Because if the temperature is at a high level, and you feel that the ice is not making in the best shape, then the icemaker can not make the ice perfectly, so if you want to solute this issue, you need to reduce the temperature.

Examine the water pressure

If the water pressure in the ice maker is not according to the maker, then it will not make the ice. If you see the ice is not making entirely, you have to check the water pressure.

Samsung suggests that the water pressure should be 20psi because it is the perfect pressure to make ice very strong and also in good shape.

So examine the water pressure by depressing inf the button of the Samsung ice maker for 5 seconds and then take the water 3/4 in the glass, and then you can examine the water pressure quickly.

You can use the gauge for the examination of the water pressure. It is also a unique method and tells you accurately the pressure.

Worst filter

If your ice maker is not making the ice, it may be a defect in the filter, or it may become old. So now you have to analyze it and what is the reason behind it.

If it is in the worst condition, you have to clean it properly, and if you see it is expired, you have to replace it with the new one.

And always make sure that you are using the original filter for the Samsung ice maker. Because locally made can not perform good performance and only work for a concise time.

Imperfect water valve inlet

If your settings all are working best, but the ice maker is not making the snow yet, then you should check the water inlet because it has a very vital role in the ice maker.

It opens and closes accordingly to the ice recommendation, and if the water pressure can not reach it properly, it will stop working.

Firstly adjusts the water pressure to 20psi. And then see whether the Samsung ice maker’s water inlet is working perfectly.

If you see that it is not working, you have to replace it with a new one. Never try to repair it because after repairing, it can not work for a long time.

Give out auger motor

give out auger motor

If the auger motor is faulty, the ice maker stops making ice. An Auger motor is used for steering the dispenser of the ice. So it stops making snow.

First, you have to check it by using a multimeter. From this, you can easily check if it is working or not. If it is faulty, then you should go to the expert because a regular user can not repair it.

If the ice maker starts making noise, it is also a symptom of the defective auger motor, so if you listen to it, then you need to contact the technician immediately.

Disturb assembly

If you apply too many procedures but still do not become successful in resolving this mess. So now you have to check the assembly because the ice maker module also works on the assembly and on the control cycle. If it is ineffective, then it can not make the ice perfectly.

If you see that it is faulty, then you have to replace it because its assembly and parts are complicated to find in the market, so the best advice is to replace the ice maker.

Inspect the power connection

Most of the time, people forget to attach the cable of the Samsung ice mixer to the electric point, or it is loose. So the maker never starts making ice.

So now you have to check if the connection is attached or detached. If you see it lose or detached, your first task should be to tighten it to connect and start the ice maker. After the connectivity, it s starts working again as previously.

Probe the water line

If the water line is damaged or leaked, it is also a reason behind this trouble, so now you have to check it. It is located at the back of the ice maker so probe whether it is leaking or not.

If you see a leakage in it, it means the water is creating a problem with making ice, so now you should stop the leakage, and then the problem will sort out perfectly.


Samsung ice maker not working but water does. If you are facing this problem of Samsung ice maker from time to time and want an accurate solution, then you should read this article.

I am telling you about all the troubles regarding the Samsung ice maker with a full solution.

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