Roomba not moving

Roomba not moving. Without cleanness, your home looks very dirtier, so you have to clean your house in your daily routine to get clean your home completely.

In the old era, the cleaning procedure was very difficult, and no tools were invented for doing this automatically, but nowadays, the Roomba cleaner is the very best tool to clean the house.

Sometimes because of the stuck wheel, low power, more dirt in the body, and many more reasons can stop moving it.

Roomba not moving

All solutions are in this article, so if you want to troubleshoot it without anyone else’s help, you just need to follow these methods and start the roomba again. You can start cleaning the area again.

In the below section is the whole explanation and the method for why it stops moving and how to troubleshoot it yourself.

Take out all dirt

take out all dirt

Sometimes the derbies enter the machine and get trapped because of it; the functions of the roomba stop performing.

Cleaning the machine is essential, so you have to check by opening it and cleaning all the trapped particles first to start it again.

After cleaning, it will start working again. Always clean the roomba after some days in routine.

Insufficient power input

If the wall outlet is not providing full power to the charger, then it stops moving. Check whether it is providing sufficient power or not.

It is not providing full power to the charger. Then you have to try the charger with another wall outlet to high the battery level high and start the cleaning process.

Clean the sensor

Roomba has four sensors, and all of these are sensitive. If mud enters the body, then it can affect the sensor, and roomba stops moving, so take a dry cloth and clean the surface of the sensors.

After cleaning, make sure that all four sensors are cleaned perfectly. Now then, you can start the task.

Stuck wheels

stuck wheels

In the roomba, the two wheels are set on its front. Its function is to get the dirt in the machine.

After cleaning a long time and with no maintenance, the dirt particles are trapped in it, and it becomes stoked, and then the roomba stops moving from its position.

So you have to take out the dirt particles to start the function of the roomba and clean your house again.

Remove dirt particles from the filter

A filter is fitted in the internal body of the roomba. When more mud becomes hard on the surface of the filter then, it stops all function and does not allow the dirt to pass from it, so because of this, the roomba cannot move so now.

You need to clean it fully. And then put it in the roomba again. I hope after cleaning the filter, it starts moving.

Charge it fully

Most of the time, users use the roomba for a long time and forget to charge it, so when they want to start but can not because the level of the battery is low.

First, you have to charge it and again start the process it will start. Always charge the battery at the full level if you want longtime cleaners and after completion, charge it again for the next time.

Rebooting the roomba

if it stops moving, then the best option is to reboot it so for rebooting, you just need to press and hold the power button for 20 to 25 seconds. It will reboot automatically, and then it starts working.

Rebooting becomes compulsory when you try to find the reason behind it and can not find it, so you can reboot it.

Clean the rollers

clean the rollers

When you see the backside of the roomba, you will see the rollers. Then take it out and then clean the first from using a brush tool and then again put it again the roomba, then takeout another roller and clean it too.

When both become clean then, put both of them in the roomba.

Side brushes

It has side brushes, and if a stick enters it, then it stuck the functionality of the whole roomba, so you have to get the stick out.

So take out the side brushes and clean the side brushes and take out the sticks, then again start it the roomba start working.

Resetting method

You can solve this problem by resetting the method, so you just need to press the clean button, spot clean and home button at the same time and now wait for the ring bell when you listen to the ring.

Then leave all three buttons, and the roomba become restarts automatically. After this process, the roomba is reset. Now you can start cleaning.


After reading this, you can solve the issue and know the factor from which it stops working. After following all these steps, you can start the roomba again and clean your home easily.

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