LG g4 stuck on LG screen fix

LG g4 stuck on LG screen fix. Lg smartphones are well known for their features and built quality. No doubt it works perfectly; so like other phones, it is also based on electrical components. Mostly, its screen becomes stuck at startup or logo.

Both situations happen because of the same defect; there are also many fantastic solutions that will give you contentment. So there is no need to agonize now.

A user faces it more when it has a bad or encrypted micro sd card; if the virus spreads in the software; due to malfunctioning applications; when it requires a new update, and also when there are changes in the software.

LG g4 stuck on LG screen fix

Whenever your lg g4 is stuck at the logo or at the startup, you can continue it yourself with the help of some troubleshooting like hard reset, factory resetting, or clearing the partition caches.

Now, if you want a more reliable experience with your lg g4 smartphone, you should follow the instructions, and if you want a fantastic outcome at any stage, get rid of this. So keep reading this.

By clearing the partition caches or resetting it

by clearing the partition caches or resetting it

If the screen of the lg g4 becomes stuck, then it means that it is happening because of the partition caches and needs a reset to continue the smartphone again.

So first, you have to do it by following the below method.

  • Method

You have to depress the power button and the up volume button at the same time, and then if it has a removable battery, you have to take it out and adjust the battery in the lg g4 again.

After this, When your phone starts turning off then, only release the power button and not the up volume button.

After this, when your phone starts turning off completely, you should hold the power and up-volume buttons simultaneously.

  • Power up

When you see a sign of the logo on the screen, you will only need to press the power button, not anymore. At the next stage, when you see the android logo then, start holding the power button and also the up power key at the same point.

  • Wipe reset

After this, you can see the list on the screen. Now you need to find the wipe reset/ factory reset option, and then you have to press the power button the selection this option after the completion of the reset process.

Find the option of the wipe cache partition to clean all the unnecessary files of your android and after this, press the power key and reboot the lg g4. Then it will reboot, as usual, and then the phone will give you a quick and amazing performance.

Use the recovery mode using the computer

Suppose you are not familiar with the recovery mode or also do not know how to use the recovery mode by using the computer setup. Then now, you get the knowledge after reading this part of the article fully.

  • Connect it to the PC

First of all, you need to install the reboot for android’ on your PC and then connect the lg g4 from the USB cable and then attach the cable to the PC.

If you can not see the instruction on the PC, then you have to enable the USB debugging option, and after this, you can see all instructions properly.

  • To enable the USB debugging

On the screen of the PC, you need to select the ‘about phone option, which is at the end of the setting icon of the menu, and then select the option named ‘software information,’ and next select the ‘build number’ where you can easily see the USB debugging option so it will disable by default you just need to enable it and it will enable perfectly. Now proceed to the next step.

  • Recovery mode

Now on the screen, you can see the option named’ One-click to Enter Recovery Mode .’ after this, it will go to recovery mode.

After recovery of the trapping problem now, you can disable the recovery mode easily too. And after disabling it, it works in normal mode.

Unstuck it by the boot loop

unstuck it by the boot loops

Occasionally, the lg g4 smartphone is stuck on the boot loop and stops going at the next stage. So you can untrap it simply. It happens due to the loose contact between components. So now you have to solve it quickly.

  • Method

Firstly, you should remove the back cover, and then you can see the removable battery, then take it out and then again adjust it correctly at its best position, and then boot up the phone by applying some force, and then it will start perfectly.


In this, you can get the three main and the best working troubleshooting, which helps you in this situation, and it also gives you quick and perfect outcomes, so you only need to follow these steps.

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