LG g3 won’t connect to wifi

LG g3 won’t connect to wifi. It is chronic trouble, and most lg users face it. It happens most, and it can be solved speedily by using only a few procedures. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can now get more data about it.

This comes in front of you when the lg finds the defect in the wifi signal, when the wifi signal strength becomes so frail when it is in airplane mode if you download more wifi applications or excess caches, and more.

If you are fronting this trouble, it confirms that you are disconnected from online activities. Most people provide online services, and due to this problem, it faces more difficulties in routine life.

LG g3 won’t connect to wifi

You can get rid of it by restating the wifi router, fixing the hardware or software, turning off the airplane mode, clearing the excess of wifi applications, clearing the extra caches, and increasing the signal strength.

I know everyone wants to resolve this instantly. That is why I come up with more working solutions that can solve it quickly and concisely, so you just need to read this correctly.

Reconnect the wifi

reconnect the wifi

If the wifi of the lg not working perfectly, then you need to disconnect the previous one and reconnect it once again.

So now go to the setting and then select the option of wifi and then check the connecting wifi, and then tap on it.

After this, you can see the forget button, so tap on it, and then it will disconnect. Next again, connect the same wifi name and connect.

It will start working tremendously again.

By restarting the router wifi

This problem is solved when a user resets the router of the wifi.

So if you also want this, then you have to turn the router off and then unplug it for a few seconds, and after the waiting time, you have to plug it into the electric point again and also turn the button of the router startup ON.

After a few seconds, it will turn on, and now you can provide online services and activities on your lg phone.

Swing the router position

Examine if more connectivity difficulties are made day by day. So you have to examine any signal-blocking object between your location and router, so after checking, remove the blockage.

Suppose this step does not work, then you have to swipe the position of the router. You should adjust it in your room or where you use the wifi more. After the reduction in the distance, it works great.

Incapacitate the airplane mode

incapacitate the airplane mode

If the airplane mode of the lg phone is enabled, then it can not connect with the wifi after many tries, so first, you have to inspect whether it is enabled or not enabled.

If you see on the top of the screen a logo of the airplane, then it means it is activated, and to connect with the wifi, you have to deactivate this airplane mode.

So for this, go to the setting and find the option named airplane mode.

After tapping on it, you can see the mode is already enabled, so you have to change it to disable/off and then start connecting the wifi. This time it will connect rapidly without any more disturbance.

Clear out the wifi apps caches

More wifi applications create more caches, and the excess of caches causes the wifi and many other troubles.  So for amazing connectivity, you must clear all your lg phone’s memory caches.

Go to the setting of your lg and then by scrolling down, search the application option and then select this.

After selection, you can see a button named ‘clear the memory caches,’ so now it’s time to select it and clear all the caches. Then turn off the lg phone and wait for a few seconds and then make it on and now connect the wifi.

Contact the service provider

If you are trying more and more troubleshooting for this but you are still waiting to solve this issue, then you have to check the connection of the wifi and see any breakage.

If you find any crack on the wire of the wifi router or else any breakage on the router device, then now it is useless to repair from the technician.

The best option is to call the service provider and ask him for the replacement of a new device and for the replacement of the wire too.


LG g3 won’t connect to wifi. Now it is time to leave, and I shared with you the many useful ways which help you most. If you’re trying more troubleshooting, then I expect right now that this is one of the most useful solutions,s and I hope it will work amazingly for you.

I hope you like it most, and if you like it, then you should share it in your community circle. So thank you a lot for reading it.

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