Ink cartridge full but not printing

Ink cartridge full but not printing. In the Modern era printer is one of the most valuable objects from which you can print a hard copy. But sometimes its cartridge is full but can not print out.

The reason behind this is many, But the main reason behind this is a defect in an internal system.

By applying some troubleshooting like resetting, removing protective tape, or problems in the cleaning cycle, you can solve them easily.

Ink cartridge full but not printing

All problems can be solved whatever the model of printer you have. You can get amazing results after applying this in your life.

So, let’s talk about the difficulties and troubleshooting to eliminate this and continue printing purposes.

Pull out the protector tape

pull out the protector tape

When you buy a new printer, the tape covers the printing nozzle.

This protective tape is useful during the storage and shipping of printers, but after this, it is useless because it blocks the ink from printing.

So you have to open the cartridge and see the tape. Its color depends on the model of the cartridge.

Only pull out the protector tape, not any other label, because after removing the other seal or sticker, your cartridge becomes dry and creates a new problem.

Lower Version Drivers

Most times, you are using a lower version no doubt it can work, but sometimes you see the printer cartridge is full, but it is not printing.

In this case, it is the issue of the lower version driver. Now you have to update it for non-distractive performance.  You can update it online.

Infected Files

The other big reason behind this is an infected file that you are trying to print.

Windows Microsoft can not allow the files to print if it is infected with a virus or another type of malware, so if the cartridge is full and does not print, then you have to disinfect the file by using the antivirus or by window defender.

Then start the printing process.

By Resetting It

If you are facing this again and again and don’t know the reasons behind it, you have to reset it to get output.

All models have a different style to reset, but I will tell you the resetting procedure of Epson, from which you can understand the procedure and can apply it to every type of model.

First, you need to push and hold the eject or load button for three to four seconds, then uplift the clamp, which protects the cartridge.

But don’t uplift the cartridge after the previous step, then readjust the clamp and press the eject or load button again.

Refill it proper

refill it proper

The improper or partial filling of the ink in the cartridge does not transfer the ink to paper. To get rid of this, you have to follow simple steps.

You have to fill the cartridge fully for printing. First, remove the cartridge and add more ink to the sponge by its small exit hole.

Air bubbles can also make a disturbance and stop the printing process. After filling it, leave it for an hour.

After this, the bubble will dissolve, and then adjust the cartridge in its place and start your work

Trapped paper

If you do not set the paper in the tray properly, then it may be caused by the trapped paper.

First, Switch OFF the printer and then remove the paper from the rear and output tray with soft hands. Then insert the new paper accurately and then restart the process of printing.

Ejecting Pickup Roller

ejecting pickup roller

In most models, when dirt or mud enters the roller, it stops pulling the paper and all processing. So cleaning is the best option for this.

You have to turn off the printer and take out the power cord is also compulsory because it protects you from the mishap.

Leave it until the temperature of it decreases, then pull out the printer cartridge from the cartridge door without touching the white tabs by moving the roller towards in front of the printer in a very decent way. Then take it out.

Cleaning of the roller

It is important to clean the pickup roller because if it is dirty, then many issues occur. So to clean it, you need a clean towel and also isopropyl alcohol, then remove the dirt particles from it.

After this, wait until it becomes dry, then ensure that it is adjusted accurately. Now, you can easily adjust the cartridge, close the door, switch it ON, and start the printer to print stuff again.


Ink cartridge full but not printing. The rise of the problem in the printer is normal sometimes; the cartridge becomes full but does not print anything.

It happens because of the driver’s dirty roller, lower version, trapped paper, or more. All are easy to troubleshoot without any distractions.

After reading this article, you can print the stuff you want on paper comfortably.

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