HTC one m8 replacing battery

HTC one m8 replacing battery. In all models of the htc, a high-class battery is installed, but if you want to replace it, you need to open the mobile because it is attached to the motherboard.

It has a non-removable battery, so if you want to change it, you need to open it fully using specific tools. Tools are also mentioned in this.

If you are replacing it the first time, then please do not replace it without information because it is risky and can ruin the panel of the HTC.

HTC one m8 replacing battery

You can replace the battery in less time if you have the new battery. It is not very difficult, and you don’t need to go anywhere if you have the idea to replace it.

If you don’t have any idea, then you are reading the right article. By just following the step, you can replace the battery in a very short period.

Need tools

need tools

Tools are essential if you want to repair the parts and replace the battery, so you will need a metal spudger, iopener, screwdrivers, a sim ejector pin or tool, and a plastic opener tool.

Ejecting the SIM card

The first and main step is to eject the sim card by using an ejector pin or tool.

Put the pin in the tiny hole which is adjacent to the sim side, and then you can see the tray and your sim card. Now take it out to start the next step. Do not push the pin hard.

Taking out the memory card

Taking out the memory card is also the same as using a sim card. But the memory card is set on the other side, so first, insert the pin in the small hole near the memory card side and press the pin.

The tray will move out. Now take out the memory card.

Heat the body

The body is attached to the adhesive, so you can not open it by hand. So you need an iopener for this, and then heat the body from all sides until the adhesive becomes expanded.

Open the upper side

You will need a plastic tool to open the upper side of the body. So enter the plastic tool from the lower side.

And push from the top bottom to the upper side to properly remove the lower speaker grill. Try this step with full attention.

Take off the screws

take off the screws

After this, you can see the two 3mm screws on the top of it and four 4mm screws on the bottom. Now you have to remove all of them with proper screwdrivers.

Because without opening it, you can not separate the upper body and also can not replace the battery.

Detach the upper side

Now it’s time to detach the upper body from this. Take a metal spudger because it is a fantastic tool to separate the upper body safely.

So enter the spudger from the side, pull the screen, and detach it from the body.

Be careful during pulling because there are many chances of losing the power button. And without a power button, you can not start your mobile ever.

Disconnect the connector

Next, you can easily see the motherboard and all the components, so you have to disconnect the connector. Both connectors are situated near the bottom left corner.

It is fixed with two silver screws, so you have to lose the screws with the screwdriver. Then pull it upper by using the opening tool.

Taking out the zip connector

Now you have to detach both antenna cables using the spudger, and now it’s time to take out the zip connector. It has seven zip connectors, and you should remove all of these.

So, now take a spudger and then remove these all decently. Use pair of spudgers to take it out correctly. After this, you will see three silver 3mm screws, so open them by using the t5 screwdriver.

Remove the display assembly

remove the display assembly

Now, take the iopener again and heat all sides of the motherboard because they attach each other with the adhesive, so heat until the adhesive loses its grip.

After this, pull the display assembly with soft hands. Do not pull so harshly.

Attach new battery

After this, you can see the old battery, which is defective now. Using the spudger, remove it gently and add a new battery.

Make sure you are using the original battery because it works long, and ensure it is compatible with the htc one m8.

After changing the battery, you can close the mobile. And you can use it like previously without any more disturbance.


HTC one m8 replacing battery. In old models, the batteries were removable, so to remove them, you needed only some seconds, but now most brands make non-removable battery phones.

But, it does not mean it is difficult or impossible to replace the battery of modern mobiles. You can do it yourself by just following the procedures that are in the above part.

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