How to get batteries out of roku remote

How to get batteries out of roku remote. The Roku remote is ideal and most suitable for the roku tv. Because on the roku tv, without the availability of a remote.

You can not perform any activity like can not change the channel, can not go to the setting manual, can not move the cursor, and also more.

The Remote is not chargeable, but it consists of two AA batteries. After a long time of consumption, it becomes feeble. So, the first and last option is to replace the batteries with new ones.

Generally, Most people only know how to use the roku remote, but there is a very less number of that person who is more familiar with replacing the batteries of the roku remote. So they have should know.

How to get batteries out of roku remote

If you are not much familiar with the replacement of batteries, then now, no worries because, in this, you will find a phenomenal way to perform this project. I do not have the most challenging technique.

If you are waiting for the brief and fantastic way to change the AA batteries of the roku remote, then you dont need to wait anymore, so start reading it with full attentiveness and get a magnificent outcome.

Overturn the roku remote

overturn the roku remote

In most models of remotes, the batteries are adjusted on the backside of it. And it is usually covered with a plastic strip because plastic saves hands from shock.

It has two AA batteries, and it is removable, so whenever you want to change it, you can do it without any bother. So let’s go to the next step.

Unfastened the strip

Now to change it, you have to unfasten the plastic strip where the battery is adjusted. So for this, you can use the plastic opener tool or can also use the tips of your fingers. But in my opinion, opening it with the plastic opener is not a bad idea.

So now take a look at the strip. You can easily see a lock hook on the top of this strip, and it gripes itself with the frame of the Roku remote.

So now you have to take a plastic opener and unlock it with soft hands and pull it outside. Do not push the plastic opener so stiffly because it can smash the lock side. So now go to further step.

Take out the strip

After unlocking now, it is the best time to take out the cover for the further procedure to replace the batteries.

So I’ll take it out gently because it is not made up of very highly strong material. It is also thin, so you should be careful while pulling it from its position.

Remove the AA batteries

Afterward, you can easily see the two batteries, which are fixed but also removable. So now, using a plastic opener tool, start taking out the battery one by one.

So first, put the tools in the gap of the positive terminal of the battery and decently pull, and when it changes its direction, then, using your finger, hold up and take it out. Do the same procedure for the second battery.

While removing the batteries, make sure the spring is in the same situation because if the spring becomes damaged, the remote can not work even after replacing the batteries. So be attentive.

Choose the proper batteries

Keep in mind that locally-made batteries are not perfect for excessive and better use, so dont purchase them. If you want the outclass experience for the rest of the time, then you should only use the best quality and original batteries.

Before adjusting them in the battery port, ensure that it is of AA type because the wrong type of battery can ruin the roku remote.

Adjust the batteries precisely

adjust the batteries precisely

Matching the accurate terminal of the battery with the accurate terminal of the port is essential otherwise, the remote does not perform any task.

So, Now you have to put the battery in port with surety that you are adjusting the terminal from positive to positive and also negative to negative terminal.

If you adjust them the same, then it is good, but if not, then remove and adjust it perfectly again. Use the same procedure for the second battery.

Cover the strip

After the right adjustment now, you can cover the strip of the remote to start the remote again. So for this, you have to adjust the lock hook properly with the frame of the remote.

And when you listen to a lock sound. Then it means it is locked exactly now, so now you can use it, and the procedure of replacement of batteries is victoriously complete now.


In this article, I am not only sharing the procedure but also sharing the step-by-step method of replacement by which you can easily keep the points in mind, and I expect that you will never forget ever.

I hope that you like the easy steps, and thanks a lot for reading.

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