How to fix led lights strips

How to fix led lights strips. When the LEDs light blinks, it looks gorgeous. It is available in multi-color, so it looks very enticing, and most people use them in their homes, farmhouses, room, etc.

It works on direct current, and without electricity resources, it can not provide light. So most of the time, the strip piece becomes worst, and the user does not know how to fix it.

So in this article, I am sharing all steps regarding fixing the LEDs lights strip with a proper explanation that will help you very much.

How to fix led lights strips

LEDs lights are adjusted on the electrical strip, and the electrical strip consists of many electrical components.

With the help of this, the led light starts twinkling. If any piece of the strip becomes damaged, then not all LEDs light but the piece of the defective strip stops working.

But believe me, changing the defective strip piece is very effortless, and everyone can do it. Also, you can connect the strips to each other via connectors instantly. So just follow the method.

Inspect the defective piece

inspect the defective pieces

There are several varieties of led lights available in the market. Some strip blink only one light, and some blink in multi colors.

So if it has one color, then it is very simple to inspect the wrong in them, but if the LEDs light is of multicolors, then you have to inspect it by changing all colors of it separately by using its remote controller.

So you should inspect the LEDs light in dim light because you can easily find the defective one.

Take out the worst piece

Once you examine the worst piece of the strip, then you have to detach it from the normal working strip. Some strips are attached to the plastic connector, and some are attached with the help soldering device.

So if you want to unsolder it, then you must have a soldering machine, and if it is attached to the plastic connector, then it is very easy to replace the piece of the strip.

Choose the right piece

Now you should purchase the right strip to replace it. The thing which should keep in mind is that you must have an accurate and suitable piece of the strip, and the color should be matched for multicolor.

Always purchase the multicolor piece of the strip for multicolor LEDs lights; otherwise, it will not work likely and will ruin the decoration.

Detach the effective strip

The next method is to detach the bad strip because when you will confirm the worst one and purchase a new one, then it is a must to remove the previous one to use them again to spread the colors in your place.

Now, if you have the strip which attaches to the soldering, then you have to open their joint with the soldering machine. So it will separate.

Separate the connectors

When the strip joins with each other by the connectors, then it is simple to fix it. It also needs no tools for this. Your fingers are enough for replacement.

There are many types of connectors in the market, but you do not need to worry because all work the same and are simple to attach to each other.

First, remove the defective one. For this, you have to open both connectors, which are made on the sides, and then open the connectors from your finger by only applying low force.

Both will open, and now you can separate the older ones effortlessly.

Adjust the new piece with the strip

adjust the new piece with the strip

If it detaches properly, then now is the best time to attach the new piece of the strip of the LEDs light. For this, you have to follow the below procedure perfectly.

First of all, open the connector clips on both sides and then take the correct strip that you bought for this purpose and then place it in the right position where it can adjust perfectly.

Now at this point, attach one side of the strip, close the connector, attach both strips of another side equally, and then close the end of the connector, ensuring that it is fixed strongly. Then it is ready.

So now attach it to the electric receptacle and examine it. This is the best way, and it will surely work. And now you can decorate it where you want.


Without the precautions, my article is not complete, so I believe it is my right to tell you about the precaution too.

So the first is before changing the strips, switch it off and detach its wire too, Always try to examine the wrong piece of the strip, and buy the piece accordingly to the LEDs light.

These are some essential precautions that you should keep in mind, which will protect yourself and your health also.


Undoubtedly, LEDs lights look very glamorous when it twinkles, but besides this, it makes the user sad when its piece stops working, so my advice is that the user should have knowledge about how to fix led light strips.

So before reading this, if you did not have much info, then I hope after reading it, you can get them completely, and I expect from the users that they will fix this problem without any more help.

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