How to clean macbook pro fan

How to clean MacBook pro fan. A MacBook Pro fan is a very beneficial part. It has a very vital role in the whole function. So if you seem to be making a problem or it has many dirt particles, it makes a critical environment for you and is non-friendly for the environment and performance.

The central advantage of the fan is that it cools down the motherboard and reduces the risk of any further problems.

So now, if you work on the MacBook pro efficiently and do not know the best time to clean it or recognize that cleaning it is compulsory, you do not need to fret.

Because now, I will give you information about the best time to clean the fan and the procedure to clean it perfectly.

How to clean MacBook pro fan

If your MacBook Pro starts performing leisurely and sounding irrelevant or makes more noise, and if it starts to shut down automatically, you should understand that the fan is now full of dirt.

Now, if you want to remain safe from these circumstances, you have to clean it by using the step in the lower section of this article. It will be very helpful for you to continue the tasking again rapidly.

Requisite tools before starting

requisite tools before starting

Without the requisite tools, you can not perform your task comfortably and finish it perfectly too, so in the case of cleaning the MacBook pro fan, you should need some tools which help you clean all the dirt perfectly.

So for this, you should have a smooth brush, dust blower, microfiber cloth, and a screwdriver too.

Screw off the lower body

First of all, take out the charger if it is directly attached to the laptop because it causes a risk of any setback. After this, you are fully secure to carry out the task.

Then using a screwdriver, open all the screws from the backside of the mac book pro. Then take out the back cover by pulling it upside direction with a soft hand. Now, you can see the motherboard fully in front of you.

Remove the dirt from the case

When you see the case, then you can also see the dirt on it, so now it is time to clean it. So take a clean cloth, wet it gently, and then rub it directly to clean it perfectly.

After this, it will look new, and now you become able to go toward the next step.

Dust out the internal surface

Now you should clean the dust from the motherboard. So for it, you should have a dust blower, and in case it is not available, then you can use the hair dryer in cool mode.

So if you have a dust blower, it is great because it has more efficiency in removing dust than another tool. So start the blower and move around the whole internal panel until it becomes clean.

Remove dust from the fan bumper

remove dust from the fan bumper

Now on one corner of the MacBook Pro, you can easily see the fan and its grip, which is called the ‘fan bumper,’ so now you have to take it out and clean the surface properly from the edges of the fan by using a soft brush.

Ensure that the brush is soft and also in new condition, and if you do not have the brush, you can use a clean microfiber piece of cloth.

Be careful while removing the dust because more force can damage the fan because it is not more strong.

Wipe out the dust from the fan

The essential step to again use the MacBook pro without any disturbance is to wipe out the dust from the fan.

Now by using the brush, clean the dust from the fan and do this using less force and with the bristle of the brush.

Because it can easily wipe out the dust; next, blow the dust, and then it becomes wiped properly. Be attentive while doing this task.

Rejoin the back cover

Now the procedure is successfully completed, so now you can rejoin the back cover and then use it as usual.

And after this, the performance of the MacBook pro becomes fast. It stops making bad sounds, and the shutting down problem sort out.


How to clean macbook pro fan. In the end, I want to tell you that cleanness of the fan is important, and it does not matter from which tool or which blower you should wipe the dust from it, but the matter is whether it is satisfying and cleans the dust perfectly.

If you want the non-interpreted performance MacBook pro, then make a routine and then clean it properly as written in the upper section.

So use any tool you want, but you must clean the dirt after you find the problem regarding this. I hope you understand the procedure, and if you like it, thank you a lot for reading it.

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