Dell laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in

Dell laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in. Occasionally, dell laptops stop turning on even if you also plug the charging in, so it does not mean it is very big trouble, but now you will be surprised and feel glad after reading these simple methods.

Chiefly behind this may have many reasons, for example, The defect in the operating system, Humidity on the pin of the battery, or a problem with the light and beep not working false.

So if you are not familiar with these problems or listening to all these talks for the first time, you will become familiar with them and do the solution yourself after reading this article.

Dell laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in

You can troubleshoot this by running a diagnostic test, examining the power cable, doing the hard reset once you try it in safe mode, rebooting the operating system, and more methods.

So if you dont know about all of these, then now you can easily understand all of these methods without any headache and also in a very short time.

Try the diagnostic test

try the diagnostic test

If you are facing this problem again and again, then dell company gives an option on their laptop, which is a diagnostic test. This test matter more because it can detect the problem easily, and then you can solve it rapidly.

For this, attach the charger to your dell laptop and then depress the ‘F12’ button again and again until you can see the dell logo on display then. After a few minutes, you can see the BIOS screen.

Then you have to press the ‘arrow keys’ fastly, and then the reason for the problem will be shown on your screen, and after the diagnostic test, you can troubleshoot the problem fastly.

Examine the power supply

When you plug the charger into the electrical receptacle, and then it can not show any light, the fan does not start moving, and you can not listen to any beep sound then.

It means the power supply is not attached or has become dead, so now you have to examine it.

For this, take a multimeter to examine the power supply. If the reading is not showing, then it means it is dead, so you have to buy a new power supply, and it should be essential to attach it to the laptop.

Endeavor a power refresh

It is one of the amazing and most working methods, so that is the reason it calls ‘power refresh.’ After using this, I hope well that you can get rid of the turning-on problem.

For power refresh, you need to depress and hold down the power button until the storage of the battery becomes drained completely, and then you can release the button.

Now, affix the charger to the laptop and switch it on. And now, leave the battery at this phase.

Use the safe mode

If you turn on your dell laptop and see the logo, but after the logo, it does not perform any further action or activity, then it means the software is defective or has any other defect.

So you can confirm and also solve the problem in safe mode. After going to the safe mode, you will be able to operate your laptop’s partial function.

So now you have to start the antivirus and remove the malware files. It will work. You can also diagnose further problems in the safe mode and solve their difficulties.

Reboot the operating system

Mostly dell laptops work on the Microsoft Windows operating system, so if the window becomes encrypted in any situation, then it also creates the turning on the problem, so you can say that it happens because of the windows.

But do not be frustrated. I am also here to tell you what to do in this situation.

Start your del laptop partially, and see if the screen is showing the error of boot missing or related to it. If it is showing. Then it means the OS window is encrypted and needs a new installation.

So, do try to restart it repeatedly because most people do it, and as a result, the hardware becomes worse. So keep in mind that you should never press the power start button again and again.

  • Solution

So, if you have the information to install the window yourself correctly, you can install it. If you dont know, do not perform any further action and just go to the official store. The customer agent will support you regarding the problem.

Clean the battery pins

clean the battery pins

Sometimes due to humidity in the environment, the pins of the battery become humid, so the laptop stops turning on and can not store the power in the battery.

You should take out the battery at this stage, clean the pins using a clean cloth or a dry brush, and then rejoin the battery in the battery port.

Then attach the charger and try to turn it on. It will turn on.

Final words

In this article’s finishing phase, I expect that you will understand why it ensues and how to troubleshoot it thoroughly.

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