Cheapest 4k Camera for Filmmaking

Cheapest 4k Camera for Filmmaking. Filmmaking isn’t something for everyone but you can get your hands on a nice filmmaking experience with a guided and easy-to-use professionally made 4k camera for filmmaking. And the good thing is, getting your hands on a professional-looking 4k camera doesn’t demand an ample pocket size.

This article is going to summarize about 9 top picks for the best-rated 4k cameras for filmmaking in the market so you can make a confident choice knowingly.

The one editor’s choice of amazing 4K filmmaking camera is Campark Action Camera 4K that is offering the most stabilized and clearer picture quality even 90 feet underwater shooting providing amazing HD graphic quality along with full control over the camera via Wi-Fi connectivity.

It surely is a convenient and reliable camera to be included in the list of 4K filmmaking cameras.

Let’s get through them one by one;

Cheapest 4k Camera for Filmmaking

1. GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera

cheapest 4k camera for filmmaking

For filmmaking, all you need is an idea and a camera to put everything in light that’s running in your mind for so long.

GoPro HERO7 can be the wisest decision you could make for your filmmaking passion, thanks to its great features.


GoPro HERO7 is a next level facility that enables you to film some of the most stable videos with the aid of any gimbal to ensure the smoothest footage.

With the help of this camera, you can also film the time-lapse videos while increasing the speed at up to 30x for covering longer activities.

Live streaming is also quite convenient now, thanks to its 720p streaming. The broadcast would also be super smooth and stabilized for more customer reliance.

The broadcast filmed by GoPro app could be saved for later-watching. It’s undoubtedly rugged and waterproof so you capture the things you weren’t allowed to capture with your phone.

The camera is smart and intelligently applies HDR, general tone, noise muffling, and mapping to your films along with up to 16 voice commands in multiple languages so you can brilliantly control your camera without any time wastage.

Now you can brilliantly film 4K60 videos as well as 12MP amazing photos to capture the beauty of the moments happening around you.

Our Verdict:

GoPro HERO7 is an ultimate exception for those who want a quality experience of filming with no gambling, high HDR, muffled noise and amazing stabilization along with 16 voice commands and time-lapse recording. The features won’t let you regret the price!


  • Gamble-free picture quality
  • Full of handy features
  • Amazing results
  • Rugged and waterproof design


  • Poor battery life
  • No preview available while recording in 4k 60

2. Campark Action Camera 4K

The 4K action camera by the famous manufacturer Campark is setting new standards in the 4K filmmaking industry as it is providing its users with every feature and quality a filmmaker ever wished for in a 4K camera.

It’s an action camera as well as a webcam that can do a lot of favorable things for you.


ACT76 Compark action camera allows you to capture Ultra HD videos with 30FPS resolution to fulfill the needs of your adventurous soul. You can make awesome videos as well as can capture great realistic photos with a power-packed 16MP camera.

This camera is featuring a wide-angle view of 170 degrees to let you capture all the background details you want to.

Its amazing features are surely going to assist you in any of your advance or basic filmmaking needs including conferencing, streaming, recording, and much more.

You can control the camera with a 2.4 GHz remote control and can also connect it over Wi-Fi for endless opportunities of convincing features.

Also, it is offering convenient use with red and grey buttons for photo or video graphing respectively. After connecting it over Wi-Fi, using XDV app, you get full control over your camera.

Adding on, it is waterproof (30m underwater) to provide you with endless opportunities for filming.

The battery life is also impressive to give your compassion a long life which many others fail to provide.


If something could really give you full control over filming capacities along with a healthy convenience, it is this ACT76 Compark action camera with 90 feet underwater filming capability as well as strong Wi-Fi compatibility.


  • 90 feet underwater shooting
  • Amazing HD graphic quality
  • Full control via Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Convenient and reliable
  • 2 batteries included


  • Not touch-screen
  • Not anti-shake

3. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera

panasonic lumix fz80 4k digital camera

There are few brands that have established a worth worldwide and Panasonic is one of them. The brand name itself defines the quality and trust of so many years.

This Lumix FZ80 4K digital camera by Panasonic is providing a premium-grade 4K camera for filmmaking equipped with so many goods.


Lumix FZ80 is providing a long zoom camera of 18.1MP along with the MOS sensor with up to 60x zoom capability so you can capture things even far away from you.

The camera is also offering an optical image stabilizer so you can film the scenes in a most convenient way.

With the dot viewfinder of 1,170K, touch-enabled 3 inches LCD display, and high resolution, this camera is head over heels to provide quality filming for its valued customers.

There’s a lot more to offer including breath-taking 4k videos, 3 ultra HD video pauses, and saving 4K photo modes extracts so you can feed the creative inner you with Lumix FZ80.

Adding on, it can also capture split-seconds moments for you through the lens that is equally efficient even at low lights without compromising on the quality of the pictures.

Furthermore, you can also get benefit from USB charging and complete Wi-Fi connectivity along with the other suitable selection for ports for your convenience.


Panasonic is a name that can be trusted with eyes closed. It has never provided anything but quality.

Lumix FZ80 is holding onto the same tradition of the brand name and is providing a lot for the price and comes up to what he claims to offer.

A great camera to fuel up your filmmaking passion.


  • Many good features
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • Good for capturing faraway images
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Low light capturing isn’t convincing


panasonic lumix gx85 4k camera

Another great option by Panasonic that has made it in our list for best 4K cameras for filmmaking is LUMIX GX85 that is somewhat closer to the Lumix FZ80 discussed earlier.

The camera is great for filmmaking due to the many class-leading features described below.


With this camera, you can capture quite stabilized and still photos or videos for the ultimate experience of filmmaking, thanks to its new 5-axis body sensors that work for stabilization.

The camera is smart enough and boosts fine detailing with the help of a high-quality 16MP MFT sensor.

It doesn’t take much time in clicking and lets you click in no time with the help of a mirrorless camera which is lightest and weights nearly half of the other cameras.

Other than this, it is proudly offering thumbwheel controls, touch panel tilting LCD that doubles your photographic and filmmaking experience.

Capturing quality 4K stabilized and still videos as well as exclusive 4K photos and post focus is now in your hands with this amazing camera.


Panasonic is promising at providing quality appliances to its valued customers and LUMIX GX85 is one of those quality appliances.

It’s designed to provide stable and lively-captured moments for an ultimate and unforgettable filmmaking experience that boosts up your hidden talent of video and photographs.

Undoubtedly the best budget video camera on our list.


  • Thumbwheels controls
  • Convenient and efficient
  • Tilting touch screen display
  • Exclusive 4K photos


  • Battery life isn’t very good
  • Tiny electronic viewfinder
  • Poor position of SD card slot

5. Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera

sony a7r iii mirrorless camera

Sony is also in the race for providing the best quality 4K camera for filmmaking to its customers and succeeds by offering many enchanting 4K cameras that don’t cost much but surely provide much for the price.

This a7R III mirrorless camera is furnished with all the incredible details that are enough to make it stand tall in our list for best 4K cameras for filmmaking.


Capturing high-quality stabilized and clearer videos is not a big deal when you have a7R III mirrorless camera by Sony.

This camera is featuring incredible detailing that lets you shoot even the high-speed targets with convenience with accurate AF/AE tracking up to 10fps.

A7R III is equipped with an Exmore R CMOS sensor that, with the help of on-chip lens,

Collects more light ensuring rightly bright and clearer picture quality.

The BIONZ X processing engine gives this camera a faster image or picture processing with a speed of up to 1.8x.

The smart enough camera is capable of recording clearer 4K videos for further editing or simply for viewing. It also supports Bluetooth for external connectivity and general data sharing.

The camera comes as a complete package so you won’t miss anything when needed including charger, shoulder strap, eyepiece cup, power cord, cable protector, and body caps.

With amazing sensitivity and resolution, this camera is packed with greater flexibility for taking amazingly quick shots in a silent manner that is specifically convenient when you are trying to shoot wildlife.


Sony a7R III mirrorless camera is probably the best decision you would ever make for the finest, more realistic, and quickest shots in a very silent mode.

It’s precision and fine quality ensures you get your hands on the best 4k camera for filmmaking and capturing the live moments around you in the most feasible way.


  • Multiple resolutions
  • Quickest shots
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Packed with premium quality


  • Specifically none

6. PANASONIC LUMIX GH5S 4K Digital Camera

panasonic lumix gh5s 4k digital camera

If you want professional-grade photos and video graphing for any of your projects including filmmaking, choosing Panasonic would be great for so many good reasons.

LUMIX GH5S is another great 4K camera in our list of best 4K cameras for filmmaking. Let’s see what it is offering.


LUMIX GH5S, like its other family members, is doing great at providing quality filmmaking services with its unique features.

This 4K camera is providing a 10.2MP micro four-thirds sensor that makes sure to deliver ultra-wide and dynamic range for photos or video making.

Also, it features dual Native IOS that captures perfectly stabilized photos showing clearer images.

The design is rugged and splash or freeze proof because of its magnesium alloy body that allows even pressure working in tough conditions so you won’t feel restricted while on work.

Other supporting features are freeze-proof, dustproof, and weather sealant design that adds way more durability to your camera.

The camera is offering endless opportunities of filming up to 240FPS and C4K 60p VFR so you can capture and do things just as you want.

It’s also offering an interchangeable lens camera system that provides the user with high-quality performance along with maximum durability and mobility.

A filming device is never complete without efficient ports and LUMIX GH5S, with a wide selection of ports, wins here too.


Panasonic never loses at its trust game and is successfully launching a fully furnished list of amazing cameras for different needs of 4K filmmaking for different customers.

Every penny spent at LUMIX GH5S is surely going to be worthy as it offers unmatched features for the price.


  • Micro four-thirds sensor
  • Magnesium Alloy body
  • Rugged and damage resistant
  • Durable, reliable and worthy


  • None really

7. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR

canon eos 5d mark iv full frame digital slr

Just like previously added quality models by famous brands, who can deny the worth of a professional 4k camera by Canon.

The EOS D5 Mark IV by Canon is a premium professional-grade camera by Canon that is a member of the professional series providing you with everything you need to have to get PRO in filmmaking.


EOS D5 Mark IV by Canon comes as a full package of an all-inclusive bundle that lets you get your hands on professional-grade photographing and filmmaking including 2 count flash memory cards, a professional battery grip, and 2 heavy batteries.

Also, this camera comes with a stabilizing hand-held stabilizing handle that ensures the most stabilized and clearer images on the screen for a professional touch-up.

Adding on, this also includes a Hot-shoe mount and a shoulder back so you can travel with this conveniently and can also maintain its safety to enhance the durability of your Canon EOS D5 4K camera.

The camera is offering high-grade picture and video quality that you don’t get generally with other 4K cameras in the market.

It’s 30.4MP CMOS full-frame sensor gives it a charming highlight and an amazing DIGIC 6+ Image Processor, all packed inside a 3.2’’ touch-enabled LCD monitor that has the ability to run breathtaking DCI 4K videos at about 30FPS.

The camera gets the power through 8.8MP still grab camera furnished with native ISO for highly stabilized picture quality. Other features offered by EOS D5 Mark IV are CF & SD Card Slots, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity through NFC.


EOS D5 Mark IV by Canon is quality packed in a small package. If you were wishing to own a highly appraised professional-grade 4K camera for your exceptional filmmaking experience, this camera could stop your search.


  • An all-inclusive package
  • Most stabilized and fine images
  • Breathtaking DCI 4K videos
  • CF & SD Card Slots


  • None

8. Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM Camcorder

sony pxw z150 4k xdcam camcorder

Like other exclusive cameras included in the list, Sony PWX-Z150 is also a quality 4K camera offered by Sony that has an established market of trusted home appliances.

It’s a unique camera on its own that offers great pictures as well as great stabilized videos for a person’s filmmaking passion.


Sony PWX-Z150 is probably the world’s first camera that is equipped with a 1.0inch stacked Exmor RS imaging sensor that ensures elite and breathtaking 4K full HD videos for an immersive experience of capturing and recording precious moments of life.

The design of the camera is quite ergonomic with a compact and light-weighted body that is super easy to work with even for longer hours.

With premium 120fps HFR, this camera is offering super slow motion capturing that makes it the best match for today’s needs. Also, the zoom is super clear so you can take good clicks even from distance.

The camera is smart enough to connect through Wi-Fi or NFC networking allowing you high mobility and greater reliance for capturing whatever and where ever you want.

Other than this, the 3.5 inches LCD gives you full control over your camera featuring high resolution.

Other features of this camera include double memory slots, Built-in ND filters, professional audio XLR terminals, a smart and wide selection of ports, MI shoes to connect, RCA, and much more.


Who can deny the quality of Sony and this PWX-Z150 4K camera by Sony is another quality chaser offering all the features that are best suited for today’s video and photographing needs. It’s a sure great package for the price.


  • Full HD videos
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes in the all-inclusive package
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Nice selection of ports


  • Doesn’t remind previous Wi-Fi connections

9. Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

cheapest 4k camera for filmmaking

Canon is a famous name in the list of brands for making satisfactory and trustworthy cameras of every type for their valued customers.

There are a lot of options for everyone, from beginners to professionals, and for highly professional working.


This Canon XA11 is setting new bars in the field of camera industry as it comes with a genuine high definition lens capable of zooming at up to 20x with clarity and HD results for the ultimate experience of capturing the views around you with grace and bets possible colors.

The camera is equipped with high-grade new and advanced HD CMOS Pro image sensor that provides the best of the capturing results even in the low lightening and tough environmental conditions.

It is bestowing with the ability to capture Full HD images and high-quality videos at 1920×1080 pixels for blur-free and sharpest-possible images.

Also, the camera is equipped with 3.0 inches LCD screen that is touch-enabled and can also tilt so you can use the screen in the most convenient way.

Other specifications of the camera include electronic viewfinder system, compression MPEG-4 AVC/H.26 video recording system and NTSC television system.


Canon XA11 is a high-grade premium level professional camera by Canon that is surely coming up to the built standards of its manufacturer Canon.

For ultra-zoom, lit photos and videos along with high definition display and touch-enabled tilting LCD, this is a great deal to go with.


  • Nice high definition images
  • Touch-enabled tilting screen
  • Professional design
  • Dual SD card slots


  • Low light colour saturation is bit flimsy

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