Best Chromebook for Writers

Best Chromebook for Writers

Being a writer you may require a high-quality screen, or loud, front-facing speakers or battery life, storage, type of keyboard, and more for a good piece of writing.

We’ve an idea about that disturbance can distract you from rhythm, for that reasons we’ve tested various Chromebooks & extracted the best & budgeting Chromebooks for writers here:

Overall a favorite one by our experts is Google Pixelbook i7 because of its efficient pen & carries almost every feature according to writers need.

So, take a look below for a quick decision…

Best Chromebooks for Writers

Let’s take a look at all the best Chromebooks for writers.

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible

The Acer Chromebook R13 exists between those primary notebooks that avoid the various problems because it offers (beta) support for the Android apps within the Google Play store & highlights the benefits.

The Chromebook R13’s panel emits up to 254 units that are over the typical for thin-and-light notebooks (244 nits).
The Chromebook R 13 goes the space, lasting eleven hours which will release the tension & never disturb during the work.
While the Acer Chromebook 13 is kind of compact (15 x 326 x 228mm), facilitate you to carry it anywhere.
R13 is reversible. You’ll open it, & can switch it into a tablet. Or, from closed, push it 290 degrees and have it rise up on your table in what Acer calls ‘display mode’.

This is incredibly a good choice to go ahead, because it is capable of converting the Chromebook into tablet when it requires has long battery, would increase the comfort zone.

The amazing Acer Chromebook R 13 could be a superb piece of hardware that hits between price & performance, and therefore the combination of Android emulation and a long battery makes this convertible a seriously compelling choice.

Google Pixelbook i7

The top-of-the-line Pixelbook is high-powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor. This can be a high-end Kaby Lake central processor that is intended for fanless, super-thin laptops.
A glossy sleek trackpad that lets your fingers effortlessly glides across its surface & makes it quite comfortable to use.
Pixelbook Pen could be a good, responsive pen for your Google Pixelbook & you can write your thoughts anytime or anywhere.
Its body makes the Pixelbook lightweight and powerful, deliberation in at solely 2.2 lbs so; you will not even notice you are carrying it in your backpack.

This Pixelbook has the Intel i7 processor, 16GB of ram, and 512GB SSD for superior speed and performance.
This four in one touchscreen, fabricated from Gorilla Glass, are often revolved 360° to be used as a tablet, a tent, flip it into presentation mode or set it up as a standard laptop computer.

With a backlit keyboard, 12.3″ display, 10-hour battery life, makes it a good turn to take.

The Pixelbook is additionally the primary laptop with the in-built Google Assistant. You’ll press the dedicated Google Assistant key on your keyboard or say “OK Google” to induce it running.

Acer 15.6inch Chromebook Celeron N3060

The Chromebook 15 still portable & compact enough to hold one-handed and thin enough to suit simply into most backpacks.
Design-wise —it’s pretty nondescript, with a steel-colored plastic lid and keyboard deck.

Inexpensive product is created from a rough-textured black plastic that, whereas inoffensive, feels slightly grubby to the bit. But again, for $200, a jaw-dropping style would be icing on the cake instead of a necessity.

Its large screen pop-up the benefit of clear vision & being a writer you must have clear or large screen to write.

The Chromebook depends on a 2×2 Wireless AC part supporting Wi-Fi connections up to 867Mbps. It conjointly includes Bluetooth 4.2; therefore you’ll wirelessly connect compatible headphones, peripherals, Android-based devices, and more.

Like most Chromebooks, space for storing is restricted; therefore, you’ll expand its storage capabilities by using its USB ports or microSD card reader.
Acer offloads this downside to the enclosed microSD card slot, providing up to 2TB of extra storage- downloads and installs all apps.

the Chromebook 15 makes up its worth in its extraordinary battery and lovely, big HD screen.
The touchpad itself matches the Pure Silver screen whereas feeling glass-like to your fingertips.

ASUS Chromebook C425 Laptop

If you’re searching for a laptop to use at home then this is your solution & you’ll find no issue within use it.

But with the anti-glare, you’ll struggle to operate this device outside in direct daylight.

It displays a 14inch full HD that has the smallest bezels around the screen & makes it quite worthy.
This Chromebook comes with a good backlit keyboard that provides 1.4 millimeters of key travel; that is extremely smart considering that this Chromebook is simply 0.7 in. thick and weighs but 2.9 lbs.
The elective 10-point multitouch show on ASUS Chromebook C425 provides you a fair additional intuitive expertise.
Truly immersive NanoEdge show with FHD show takes recreation to bigger heights.
The 4MB of cache can facilitate speed up tasks that are performed on an everyday basis.

The top is made of aluminum, like on the Flip C434, but the main-chassis and underside are plastic and feel rather cheap in comparison.

basically, this amazing product is a good choice for writers.

The C425 incorporates a washed-out, non-touch screen and a flimsier body than the other ones.


Sum-up lines

A writer is always has something to write & it requires some basic needs for increasing the comfort zone. Like a pen, notebook, or a good environment.

And by focusing on the current era these things must be available electronically. So, above mentioned Chromebooks dearly good enough for writers to makes it his/her first priority & also can polish their skills for further writing.

Thank you for reading!