Best car battery charger consumer reports

Best car battery charger consumer reports. When your car battery is not fully charged, it feels awful when you turn the key in the ignition and it’s not working. To avoid this situation the car battery charger is the perfect thing. If your car battery is fully charged you can easily start your car on a chilly morning and can reach your destination on time.

The car battery charger can protect your car settings and reduces fuel consumption. Most cars break down because of their dead battery. A car battery charger avoids breaks down your car by a dead battery and saves time and money.

8 Best Car Battery Charger Consumer Reports

Types of Car Battery Charger

The car battery charger comes in different types such as charger, maintainer, and restorer.


A charger is a basic type that can restore the electrolytic solution in a battery. It can restore this liquid even battery is completely discharged. These are plentiful always choose the charger with the perfect size, shape, and amperage.


The maintainer is a common version of the battery charger. The maintainer keeps the car battery from discharging. It maintains your car battery and is good for a quick fill-up.


The restorer is the least common version of the battery charger. It restores the life of an old battery. Removes all the contaminants in a battery of cells and restores your battery from break down. Restorers are an expensive type of charger. Best car battery chargers.

1. NOCO Boost Plus Best car battery charger consumer reports

Noco Boost Plus can charge a dead battery in seconds. This car battery charger is compact and powerful. It has a 1000-ampere portable lithium car battery starter that can start on a single charge.Best Car Battery Charger Consumer Reports

It is safe for anyone and comes with spark-proof technology, and reverse polarity protection. This battery charger also has a high-output 100 lumen LED flashlight with 7 light modes. These modes Including low, medium, high, flashing, strobe, and emergency SOS.

This charger has the ability to holds its charge for a year. The interesting feature is that its internal battery can recharge any device like smartphones, tablets, or USB devices.

This charger is also suitable for use on gasoline engines and diesel engines up to 6 and 3 liters, respectively. Moreover, It can withstand any temperature range.

Covered by the rubberized over-molded casing. That prevents scratching or marring of surfaces. It has lightweight at just 2.4 pounds so that you can easily carry it with you to any place.

You will find Jump Starter Pack, Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps, 12-Volt Car Charger, Micro USB Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, and User Guide with this product. This car battery charger is designed in USA. Comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • Multi-functional charger
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can withstand any temperature


  • Not enough strong

2. Battery Tender Plus Best car battery charger consumer reports

Battery Tender Plus is a programmed battery charger, never overcharges the battery. It is a 1.25 amp charger that provides a full charge battery. It can automatically switch to float mode to maintain proper voltage levels.Best Battery Charger

This charger provides easy and fast charging. You can easily use this compact device in small storage spaces. This charger is suitable for a 12-volt battery. It also can be utilized over a wide range of vehicles.

It can also work as a maintainer that prevents discharging. It has extended battery life and is compatible with lead-acid, flooded, and sealed-free batteries.

Suitable for long-term storage and can maintain optimal charge. This battery charger is fully covered by protection. This protection prevents shock, vibration, and moisture.

Comes with solid-state two-colour LED lights. These LED lights show the state of charge. It is safe and secure in use, spark-proof during lead connection.

It can also automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a correct, locked-in connection. Comes with 4 advances charging program that upgrades the battery power. Battery Tender Plus gives 10 years warranty from the date of purchase against defective material or workmanship only.


  • Easy and fast charging
  • Safe and secure
  • Spark proof charger


  • Clamps should be bigger.

3. BLACK+DECKER BM3B best battery charger

BLACK+DECKER is a fully automatic 6V/12V battery charger. It can also work as a maintainer that is affordable and easy to use. This car battery charger is known for the quality of its items.Best Car Battery Chargers

It is made with a quality material that extends its life. It is accessible in the range of 6-volt and 1-volt batteries. It is ideal for battery maintenance, charging RVs, specialty vehicles, antique and classic cars.

You can also use this battery charger for motorcycles, lawnmowers, tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and more. It is compatible with AGM, GEL, and WET batteries.

Provides perfect support for traveler vehicles. Easy to use, battery clips and O-ring terminals make it very simple. The interesting thing is that it can charge a cruiser or snowmobile in around 15 to 17 hours.

It stops charging when the battery is fully charged. It has built-in circuit protection guards that avoid overcharging, reverse polarity, and short circuits. Certified by ETL that ensures it is safe in use.

For convenient placement mounting bracket is built-in to a charger. It has also two LED indicators red ones for fault and a green one to show charge status. Available with a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Best battery charger for car.


  • Demonstrates the full charge
  • Quits charging when the charge is full
  • Comes with mounting section


  • Low Budget LED lights

4. Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval Automatic Trickle is ideal for all the lead-acid, flooded, or sealed maintenance batteries. Compatible also with AGM and gel cell batteries.Best Battery Charger 2018

It has a 4-step charging program including initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, and float mode. Comes with multi-level protection guards against reverse polarity, short circuit, and overvoltage to protect your battery.

Certified by ETL, spark-proof during lead connection also includes an 8-foot output cord.

Comes with detachable alligator and ring connectors. It is an ideal charger for all types of vehicles with a 12V battery. You can also use it to charge drained acid batteries on your car, tractor, bike, and more.

Easy to use, and compact in size. It has an ISM feature. ISM stands for Infinite Sequential Monitoring, it adapts to the battery needs hundreds of times per second.

Comes with reversed hook-up protection. Before giving power it checks for a correct connection. This battery charger has a quick disconnect harness to trickle the battery charger in seconds. Best battery charger for car.

Once it is connected then the battery charger manages your battery’s health on its own. This charger box includes a series sealed lead acid car battery charger, ac power cord, dc output cable with clip connectors and ring connectors, and user guide.
Series Sealed Lead Acid Car Battery Charger


  • Affordable and simple design
  • reverse polarity protected
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not provide quick charging in emergencies

5. Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charge

Schumacher SC1281 comes with several functions. This battery charger is versatile you can use it for any type of vehicle. It can charge or jump-start an SUV, truck, or large battery.Car Battery Charger 2018

It is a fully automatic battery charger and 30/100A engine starter that provide you more comfort. Easy and safe to use and compact you can carry it with you anywhere you want.

This battery charger contains a battery and alternator tester. The battery and alternator provide charge levels. Diagnose electrical problems. It has 30A features for a quick energy boost and 100A to jump start.

Provides multistage charging adds precision, safety, and battery life. Its convenient carrying handle makes this unit easy to transport. Best car battery charger consumer reports.

 This battery charger comes with built-in reverse hook-up protection. This protection prevents charger from operating if clamps are reversed. It has also LED indicators and Start/Stop push-button interface.

These buttons improve the accuracy and ease of use. The interesting feature in this charger is auto voltage detection to easily detect 6 or 12V batteries. This product is compatible with standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries. Best heavy duty battery charger.


  • 100A jump start for emergency situations
  • Comes with a 30A quick boost option
  • Allows for multi-level charging


  • Pricey
  • Power cord is not too long

6. LST Trickle best battery charger for car

LST Trickle battery charger is a versatile charger. It is designed for many types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and lawnmowers. This battery charger is affordable and reliable.Automobile Battery Chargers Reviews

It can also avoid inconvenient delays due to an unexpected dead battery. This charger is designed to charge fully dead acid batteries. Easy to use and compact in size.

This battery charger is safe to use provides multi-protection against reverse polarity. Avoid over-voltage, over current, overcharge, and short circuit. It is also spark proof during lead connection.

It is also dust and waterproof provides stable and high reliability. Easy to install and uses automatic trickle charging technology. Uses highest rated current till 80% capacity.

Comes with 5 stages of automatic charging. Comes with the detachable ring or alligator connectors with 10A fuse. It charged and maintains your battery automatically.

After fully charge switch to float mode automatically. Moreover, it also provides visual state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information. Also comes with DC Output Cable with Clip Connectors and DC Output Cable with Ring Connectors.


  • Can charge fully dead acid batteries
  • Waterproof and dust proof case
  • Uses automatic trickle charging technology


  • Suited for vehicles that aren’t driven frequently

7. BMK 12V 5A smart battery charger

This battery charger is convenient and portable. It can diagnose to detect the defective battery. Comes with input 100-240V AC, with 5A DC output current.Smart Battery Charger Reviews

It is ideal for charging batteries with 15 to 100Ah. This unit is designed to detect a defective battery. This battery charger is easy to use and safe. It is certified by ETL for efficient and safe performance.

Comes with multi-safety protection features to protect marginal batteries from overcharging. Moreover, protects the short circuit, overload, and reverse polarity.

Made of high-quality materials that increase the life of chargers. Also comes with a constant pulse current maintenance function that avoids discharging and provides stable performance. It is spark-proof and water-resistant.

This charger comes with 4-stage smart charging. It provides an automatic charging process, monitors the whole charging process. Charging stops automatically when the battery is fully charged.

Comes with LED indicators to show the charging status. Compatible with different batteries such as Pb, SLA, VRLA, GEL, AGM, and more. It is compact and suitable for many types of vehicles.


  • Comes with safety protections
  • Made of high quality material
  • 4 stages of charging


  • Power cord is only 3 feet long

8. STANLEY BC15BS Battery Charger

Stainley BC15BS battery charger provides automatically selects charge rate to maximize battery life. Comes with 3 phase charging, rapidly and automatically switching from fast charge.Best Heavy Duty Battery Charger

This battery charger is ideal for many types of batteries. Compatible with the battery of motorhomes, boats, jet skis, lawn tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, and vehicles.

This charger can also maintain any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine 12V batteries. Also comes with LED indicators. These LED indicators display the charging status that is easy to understand.

Comes with a patented alternator check to evaluate the battery voltage under load. This charger can also reduce the sulfate effect from battery cells to improve charging capability.

This battery charger charges the batteries up to 40 percent faster than other chargers. You can start the vehicle with 40amps of fast charge with this charger. Best car battery charger consumer reports.

Charges the battery in 90 seconds, Provides protection against overloading and overcharging. It is a safe product certified by ETL. It has also a built-in cord, cable wrap, and clamp storage so you can easy store it at any place.


  • Certified by ETL
  • 15 Amp & 12volt battery charger
  • Comes with LCD indicators


  • Charger becomes dead after somtime

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Buying Guide Best car battery charger consumer reports

Automobile battery chargers reviews. To buy a best car battery charger there are some important considerations that you should keep in mind. These factors will help you in choosing the best car battery charger.


Choose a car battery charger that can charge a battery of various voltages. Voltage is an important consideration commonly vehicles come with 6V and 12V batteries. Your battery charger should be able to charge these types of batteries.


Amperage means how much current can be handled by your charger. Always buy a charger with more amperage to fast charging. You will find 10 amp or 20 amp chargers in markets. For casual use select more than 2o amp charger. For professional use, it should be of up to 275 amperes.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important factor in battery chargers. When you overcharge the battery, it will affect the vehicles. In a car’s battery, there are always some harmful chemicals that cause short circuits and spark. To avoid these problems before buying a charger make sure your charger is certified by ETL and spark-free. Also, ensure that your car battery charger is water-resistant.

Jumper Cable Length

The length of cable is also an important factor that you should keep in mind while purchasing a charger. The jumper cable length makes it easier to use a car battery charger. More the length of the cable provides more comfort to use a battery charger. Commonly the battery charger comes in the market has 12 feet in length.

Jumpstarter Feature

Jumpstarter feature is another key feature for the car battery charger. When your car’s battery is dead jump-starter provides comfort against these issues. Provides 20 and 250 amps current to start your vehicle when the battery is dead.


Your battery charger should be compact and portable. So that you can take it anywhere with you. Commonly battery charger comes with a little box to carry it with ease.


Make sure that your battery charger is versatile and easy to use. Most car battery chargers can also charge other electrical devices. This is a bonus feature with a car battery charger. The charger comes with USB ports that are ideal to charge other devices.



To connect the battery charger with your vehicle disconnect the battery from the car first. Remove the key from the ignition and turn off the engine of your vehicle. Twist the nut of the battery’s terminal and pull of the positive and negative connectors. Before connecting the charger your charger should be off. Check the electrolytic level and connect the positive clip of cable and negative clip of cable.


It is very easy to read the ammeter of the battery charger. The ammeter of the battery charger commonly comes with an analog or digital ammeter. To read the current on analogue ammeter needle will be deflecting. In a digital ammeter, the numbers on the screen can be easily readable.


A battery charger can take a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 1 day to fully charge the battery. The time of charging depends on the size of your battery and the type of your charger.


After a lot of research, we conclude that NOCO Boost Plus Battery Charger, Battery Tender Plus Battery Charger, and BLACK+DECKER BM3B Battery Charger are the best car battery charger. These chargers come with all the important considerations that you should look in the best charger. Battery maintainer reviews.

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