Apple watch series 3 screen replacement

Apple watch series 3 screen replacement. Apple Watch 3 is a fantastic gadget with the best features. But it can crack if it drops because the screen is a sensitive element.

If the screen is damaged completely, you only need parts because installation is simple. If an iPhone expert repairs it, you have to pay more, so save your money and make it yourself.

There are many easy steps from which you can easily replace the screen. For this, you do need to perform any effortful task. You just need to follow mentioned steps.

Apple watch series 3 screen replacement

Replacement of the screen is not a difficult task. You only need the original screen and some tools like the curved blade, heat resources, etc. Now you are ready to restore it without taking the help of any person.

If you want to replace the screen of your apple watch series 3, you do not need to go anywhere. Stay at your place, and follow the steps given below.

Save Yourself First

save yourself first

The first thing is safety, so never forget to save your body first. To replace and remove the screen, you have to use blade and heat resources to heat.

That’s why always wear protected eyeglasses of good quality that protect your eyes and wear gloves that protect your hand from cuts or skin allergies.

Turn OFF the Apple Watch

If the screen is fully cracked, turn off your apple watch 3, and if it is connected to a charger, disconnect it for screen replacement because it may cause any mishap.

Opening of screen

You need a heat gun or hair drying to open the screen for replacement. First, ON the heat gun and set it on medium-warm air.

Then rotate the heat around the edges and top of the screen. After some time, the adhesive can lose its grip and remove the damaged skin using a curved blade.

Detach the strips

Once you open the screen, you see three strips attached to the body of the watch. The strips behind the watch are sensitive, so don’t force too much while detaching.

By using a plastic opener tool, detach the strips very carefully. All three strips will remove easily with the tool. After removing all strips, the display will become separate from the body.

Adjusting new Screen

adjusting new screen

Now it’s time to attach the new original screen. Ensure that the screen is original and attached to the apple watch series 3. Also, check it has three strips.

After checking, connect all the strips to each other correctly using the tool. Don’t attach these trips in the wrong strips. It will cause a big issue with the circuit of the watch.

Check the watch

After the connection of the strips, if you want to check whether it is working or not so, hold the power button for some seconds, and the screen becomes ON automatically. Then check the touch screen and make sure all features are functioning.

Fix the screen

If you want to put back the screen strongly, then you should have an adhesive that is only for watches. You can attach the screen with it, and it looks new.


There is no need to be sad when your watch screen becomes damaged. This problem is faced by many users because the screen is soft and easily breaks in a one-time crash.

The original screen is available on the market. You can buy it and replace it with your help of yourself, not others.

I hope after reading this, you can replace the screen of the apple watch series 3. without going to the outlet and iPhone repairer.

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