Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray

Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray. Xbox 360 is a stunning product for entertainment and especially for gaming. You need to enter a disc to play games and other entertainment stuff.

But sometimes, you want to put the disc, but it shows the error of ‘OPEN TRAY’ and does not read the disc. It causes by dust or derbies and also because the disc is in bad condition and more.

It is not a big mess that you can resolve by following in some simple footsteps to find fast and tremendous results.

Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray

You can troubleshoot this by cleaning the tray, making the disc scratchless, changing the disc, airing, and also by many methods, which are given below.

Waiting for the best and the fast results, then your wait is over. Now you just follow the steps and resolve this issue permanently.

Put the disc proper

put the disc proper

It often shows this error because the disc is not put in the tray accurately. If the disc is not properly adjusted in the tray, the function can not perform any operation.

Many people insert the disc in the wrong way when they are in a hurry. So always put the disc properly and when you are sure then, close the tray. Then the error will disappear.

Try another disc

When you use a disc for a long time and abrade creates on the disc, so, the disc can not work properly, and the error will display on the screen. So to resolve this issue, you should change the disc when you see the scratches.

Replace the disc with the new one, and always use the original disc in your Xbox 360 to get an excellent experience.

Unstained the laser

Sometimes the laser becomes dusty and faulty, and you don’t have the remaining warranty, so now you have to fix it yourself.

Now you have to clean the dust and other bad particles from the laser. After this, the fault will go completely.

Open/close method

It is a method that gives amazing output. To do the open/close method. You first have to open the disc tray and then wait for 5 minutes and then close it.

You should repeat this almost 5 times. After this, the tray will adjust properly, and the Xbox will recognize the disc and start playing.

Open tray issue occurs when a user tries different or wrong remedies on the box, which is totally harmful to the Xbox 360 system.

By the airing disc space

The airing method is a unique procedure to remove this difficulty, so for this, you should have an air blower. First, take off all the wires and also remove the main power cord.

Ensure it is fully disconnected, then take an air blower and blow from the blower in the internal part of the tray space when it becomes clear again, set up the system, and start the entertainment.

By airing the power cord

by airing the power cord

Not only airing the disc space is enough sometimes so, but you also need to clean the power cord; it is so easy to do.

Firstly switch it OFF, Remove the power cord from your Xbox 360 too, and then air all sides and also the port area of the box 360, then join the power cord again and reboot it again. The error will be gone.

By washing the disc

If the open tray error is repeatedly occurring and you can not go to the market to buy the new one, then you need to wash this disc.

Wash the disc with cold water by rubbing it decently from both the inner and outer sides, and then leave it for some time until it becomes dry. After this, it is ready to perform entertainment and games again.

By clearing the caches

When an excessive amount of caches are added to the Xbox, it raises the issue of the opening tray and not starting the disc, so clearing all previous caches is compulsory.

For clearing, you first have to go to the setting and then the ad. Then, you need to select the memory icon of the console memory.

Then, choose your hard disk and instant depresses the ‘Y’ key. After this, a menu will appear on the screen. Then, by drop-down, search the option named ‘clear the caches’ and then select this to clear all the caches.

Your Xbox will restart automatically, and now you will never see this error again.

By thumping on  it

It is an unbelievable method, and in many cases, it gives amazing results and also removes the error of ‘opening the tray’ instantly for this.

Put the disc in the tray and close it. After closing it, thump on the upper side of the tray. If an error does not disappear, then try it several times.

After a few gentle thumps, it will work perfectly. Now you can play the games and feel delighted.

Take apart the cables

This method work in any situation, so you should need to follow this step once if you want to fix this forever.

  • Step-by-step procedure

Firstly, you have to turn off your Xbox 360 by depressing and holding the power button long; analyze whether it turns off properly or not. So to check, you should depress and hold the power button long persistently until it becomes off completely.

After turning it off, remove all other accessories if they attach to the Xbox 360. After this, connect the power cord wire until the white light turns orange. After restarting, the ‘tray open’ error will disappear permanently.


Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray. In the last, I hope after reading this you understand the reasons behind this problem and also many procedures to resolve it step by step.

You can also get fast troubleshooting to apply it completely.

So, if you become tired of applying different methods to get rid of this, then try the above methods to remove this error forever.

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