Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade

Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade. Every gamer wants rapid speed of their Xbox 360 and wants a tremendous gaming experience. So for this, they have to upgrade the hard drive of it.

But they do not have more information regarding the upgradation of the hard drive, and even they want to upgrade it at their home. So now it will be easy for you.

Because in this article, there is the whole method to upgrade the hard drive of the box 360, the most required tools, and many more, which you can find below.

Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade

If you want to upgrade the hard drive of your Xbox 360, then what are you waiting for? You just read it completely with concentration, and after that, you can upgrade the hard drive very fastly and also without distraction.

Now you should read all the steps properly and apply the correct step at an accurate time for a fantastic outcome.

Required instruments

required instruments

For this, you just require some tools to help you open and upgrade the required hard drive for the Xbox 360, so you should have a screwdriver and a hard drive that suit your Xbox 360 with more capacity, like SATA, etc.

Switch off the Xbox

First, I recommend switching off and removing the power cord from the electric point because it is essential and protects you from different accidents.

Because usually, in electric appliances, the electric current may still exist during an assignment and can cause any mishap.

Take off the hard drive

The first step is to remove the old hard drive from the case of the console box because if you want to install the new upgraded hard drive, it is compulsory because you can not use a dual hard drive simultaneously.

Once you separate the hard drive case, you can begin the next upgrade method for the upgradation.

Screw off the case

When you detach the case of the hard drive, you can see the T6 Torx screws behind it. So if you want to upgrade the hard drive, then you have to take out all of them.

So for this, you should need a screwdriver that can suit the T6 Torx screws and make it simple to open all the screws. So now rotate the screws in the anticlockwise direction to open and proceed to the next step.

Remove the warranty sticker

remove the warranty sticker

Before the previous step, if you see any warranty sticker on the hard drive, then by using the fingernail to remove the sticker, the warranty becomes ended because you have the remaining warranty time.

Then you should know that after removing the warranty, you can not be able to claim it with the official company anymore.

If you remove the warranty of the hard drive, then it means you only remove the warranty of the hard drive, not the warranty of the console. So dont be sad, and then now it’s time to apply the next step.

Detach the both plastic sides

After opening, you can need to separate both the upper and the lower sides of the plastic. So for this, you just have to hold the driver and rotate the upper side of the plastic and then, by low force, pull both sides half upside.

Dont force too much because the hook can ruin the structure and its grip, and then you can never attach both sides again. So make sure that the hooks are safe after separating both sides.

Disengage the hard drive

disengage the hard drive

Now you can see the whole internal side. and also, you can easily see that one side of the plastic is attached to the hard drive with 4 screws.

So if you want to disengage both, you should screw off all the screws by using the correct screwdriver. After this step, it becomes easy to upgrade the new hard drive.

Replace the new

After the detachment of all the parts, now take a new hard drive with more memory. It is normally available in the market.

So now you have to buy the same form factor hard drive as previously so it can adjust easily and also increase the speed of the Xbox 360.

Next, you can assemble all parts and again entertain yourself with extraordinary speed and a well-performing Xbox.


Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade. Xbox 360 already have extraordinary speed and performance, but some user think it is low, so they want to upgrade it.

But they think that it is non-removable, and they replace the whole Xbox with the new one. But it is not true. In reality, it is removable. You can change or upgrade the hard drive very comfortably.

But without knowing the procedure, it can not be easy for you so. First, you have to read the article, and then you should apply the procedure; otherwise, it can destroy the internal structure and the upgrading procedure.

It also can ruin your investment in the new hard drive. So read it fully.

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