Wii remote not sync

Wii remote not sync. Wii can not perform any process without a remote, so it is very compulsory to have a proper working remote.

It stops syncing because of the dead battery, a bad connection system, and many more that I am discussing after long research.

Many techniques are available here from which you can get simple solutions to all occurring issues in a very short period of time.

Wii remote not sync

This trouble can be solved by changing the battery and by some settings.  All solutions are permanent, so you will not face this again and again.

If you want a solution, let’s go to the research and explanation mentioned below and get the solution without disturbance.

Power cycle the wii

power cycle the wii

It is one of the best and easy methods to solve the problem, so here you just need to power cycle your device.

For the Power cycle, power off the wii remote and wait at least 30 seconds. When the waiting time becomes complete, then start the device again.

After this, the remote will sync and be ready to use.

Displaced battery connection

After changing the battery, if the remote can not sync, then open the back cover and check whether the battery is placement accurate or not correctly.

Ensure that you have set the plus sign of the battery to adjust with the plus sign of the battery panel. Also, check whether the negative battery side is adjusted with the negative sign of the remote’ battery panel.

After this, attach the joints accurately. Then check the rust if it is on the battery panel, then remove it. And all process remote will sync easily.

Procedure direct Syncing of the wii

Firstly, turn ON the console and ensure no program is running on it. Then you have to the back cover of the remote and then flip the SD card slot cover behind the console box, and you can see the SYNC button.

Remove the cover of the remote you can see the sync button near the battery panel.

  • Start Procedure

Press the sync button behind the remote, the light in front of the remote, stark blinking, and then quickly press and release the sync button behind the Wii until the light on the remote becomes OFF.

Sync by  removing the battery

sync by  removing the battery

Check the disc in the console. If there is a disc, then remove it because it can create problems while syncing.

Then check whether the AAA battery is in good condition or not. If it is in good condition, then follow the next step.

For at least 30 seconds, detach the power supply wire of the console, and then turn it ON. This step will reset the wii.

After this, ensure that the sensor bar is placed on the front of the screen and no blocking object is there.

Then remove the batteries of the remote and wait for ten seconds, then again put both batteries in the battery panel correctly and sync again. It will work.

Sync by using Bluetooth

sync by using bluetooth

You have the option to sync by using a computer or a dongle Bluetooth.

The Remote can easily connect with Bluetooth. You only need to install an extra program which depends upon the model.

Download it from the official site of wii. After every restart, you just have to pair it again.

  • Connecting with Bluetooth

Attach the button to your computer and then click on the Bluetooth icon. Then you can see the menu. Then you then choose the option named ‘add a device’ then press button 1 and 2 at the same time until the remote’s light start blinking

After this, a remote name is displayed on the Bluetooth menu. Click on it, and After that, click on the next button; a menu will appear.

With this option, you have to select the third one named ‘pair without using a code,’ then click on the next after a few seconds, it will pair.

  • Operate using application

After connectivity, you have to open the application or dolphin software on your computer. Then you can see the dolphin button, then click on it then a new menu will appear.

Now you need to choose the real Wiimote to the input source menu, then buy a sensor bar to use properly and put a power battery in it.

  • Close the Dolphine App

When you sync the remote with dolphin, there is a chance that the controller will not appear in the selection menu.

So, Turn OFF the Dolphine ad, right-click on the Bluetooth menu remote, then it will un-pair, and now you can again try pairing effortlessly.


Wii remote not sync. In the end, I want to tell you that in all my research, I got these points and also got the reasons behind all problems.

In this article, you can not get only troubleshoot but also get the information behind the issue, so read it carefully and apply the most suitable step regarding your issue.

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