Why is my phone typing on its own

Why is my phone typing on its own. The touchscreen is one of the most used parts of the phone. If it has a defect, then it causes more problems and distracts you from your task. Usually, peoples face a problem named ‘Ghost touch.’

In this case, when you type the messages but you see that after leaving the typing process, the touchscreen is still typing the texts without any support or help. So, many people become scared and want to find instant troubleshooting.

But now you have no need to be afraid more because behind that problem there are some common troubles which are not very strenuous to solve. So now you can easily solve it anywhere without any further headaches.

Why is my phone typing on its own

If you see the ghost touch, you just need to do these processes: update the software, clean the dirt from the touch screen, reset it to factory mode, and you also try hard to reset the defective phone.

If you are still looking for a solid solution to this problem, then you are finding it in the right article. So just follow all the steps without skipping anyone. Then you can get permanent and authentic troubleshoots.

Charge with a superior charger

charge with a superior charger

Especially in the android phone, the problem occurs when you charge it from an irrelevant charger because the original charger is most suitable for the perfect charging in the android.

So, in this case, the ghost touch problem creates when the user charges the phone with an ill-suited charger.

So if you see this trouble, then first you have to drain all the battery charging and then take a new and original charger and charge the phone. After charging, it starts working perfectly.

Unwrap the worst protector

If dirt particles are available on the screen and due to dust, if the screen protector sheet becomes worst, then it starts creating this problem.

So the best idea in this situation is that take out the previous protector and try the new and perfect one according to to display size and model.

After changing it, you can see that the trouble is now sorted out, and now auto-typing is not showing on the screen, so now you can enjoy the activity without any additional interference.

Implement the factory reset

Every phone has there own procedure for factory reset. But now the matter is not of reset, but the matter is of the ghost touch, so if you want to rid of this trouble, then the pre-emitted step is to reset the defective phone.

After the factory reset, the setting will reset to its default position, and most of the time, this occurs because of the relevant setting.

So trying it is the best option. If you still facing problems, then the next setting is amazing, so keep reading.

Execute the hard reset

After implementation of the factory reset, if the phone is still in the same situation, then the other best reset to adjust all settings is the hard reset.

As for the factory setting, the technique of the hard reset is also according to the model of the phone, so if you want to seek knowledge about it, just search for it on the internet; it is so simple to do.

So, due to the setting problem if happen so, after the hard reset, all the settings become fixed, and then you can not see this type of trouble again.

Maintain the temperature

Most people use the phone for a long time and the long time of usage warms the screen, and the increase in the temperature causes touch glitches.

So when you use the phone, then after some time, leave it free for a few minutes and then again start using. Because of this, the temperature becomes maintained, and this defect will go permanent.

Upgrade the software version

upgrade the software version

When the software becomes older then, it make a lot of problems, so now you will just need to update it. For this, go to the settings of your phone and go to the ‘about phone option on the android phone.

And then, you can see the update, so tap on it and update it.

After this process, the version becomes upgraded, and now the touch glitch will also pick out from your phone.

Procedure a new screen

If, due to any mishap if the water drops are entered into the internal panel of the mobile phone and, after troubleshooting, it is not drying permanently, then it causes the ghost touch.

So now you have to contact with official service agent or a technician. You have to demand the replacement of the previous screen with the new one.


Why is my phone typing on its own. In the last phase of this article, I am expecting well that after reading this, you will become able to find the reason behind the ghost touch or touch glitches in a very short time.

And not only reasons but you can easily find out the commendable solution instantly. So if you find it useful, then you should share it with your cliques.

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