Why does my xbox keep turning off

Why does my Xbox keep turning off. Xbox is best for entertainment purposes, especially for gaming. If you are a gamer and face issues like Auto turning off, then there is a complete solution to that type of issue.

If you are playing games regularly and find an auto-turning-off issue, it might be an error in the console box. This problem is not with old XBoxs it is also with new models.

Along with the problems, there are troubleshoots that can easily solve the Xbox turning-off problem.

It might be some minor issues like an Inaccurate setting, messing with the power supply unit, Defected power strip, Worst ventilation, second-rate outlet, etc., which auto turns off Xbox.

Why does my Xbox keep turning off

If your Xbox keeps turning off, it may be because of more dust on the console box or any issue with the power supply unit and its connection.

There are some troubleshooting that helps you to get rid of the issues of Xbox turning off.

Inaccurate setting

inaccurate settings

A big cause of turning off of Xbox is an inaccurate setting, so first of all, it is a must to solve. First, power up the console box and click on the setting button to get rid of this problem.

Then select the power and power up. Then click on the last options before auto-turning off the console and select the priority period of inactivity. After restarting, the problem can be solved.

Second rate outlet

The issue in the outlet is also a reason behind the turning off, and it is really important to troubleshoot this problem.  First, you should check that Xbox is properly plugin.

If it is lost, then fix it. In case it does not solve, then check the outlet. It may be an issue with the outlet, or it is made up of second-rate, then you should change the outlet or try to connect with another outlet.

Worst Ventilation

worst ventilation

A reason behind turning off Xbox should be the worst ventilation. Because if the ventilation is worst, then the Xbox becomes overheated, and because of heat, it auto turns off; so firstly, you power off the console box.

Then wait for at least one hour after that period, settle the console on the best ventilation location then restart it. Make sure that there is good air crossing where the console box is placed.


Not upgradation is the reason behind the Xbox turning off. To troubleshoot that issue. First, apply the button of Xbox on the controller.

Now the main menu gets in front of you. Then select the setting and then all settings. Then select update. A console section will appear, then select the option keep my console up to date.

There is also a section on games and app updates, so you select the option to keep my games and app up to date for upgradation. May the issue solve from this process.

Messing with the power supply unit

messing with the power supply unit

The power supply unit creates the issue of turning off, so it is essential to check the power supply unit to troubleshoot this issue.

Firstly check the light on the power supply unit. If the light of it is solid white or orange color, it means the power supply unit is working accurately.

If no light appears on it, it is a mess with it. To troubleshoot, plug out the supply and let the temperature down for a few minutes until it cools. Then power on the supply. Now, if the light does not turn ON, change the power supply unit.

Auto Shutdown Option

If the option of an auto shutdown is ON, then it may cause this issue. It is time to turn OFF this option.

For it, first of all, Tap on the top Xbox button, which is visible on the controller, then tap on the profile & system button from the last tab.

After this, tap on setting and then general, then select the option power mode and startup, Choose the turn off option and also ensure that it is properly selected.

Resetting the Xbox

resetting the xbox

Most of the time, a little bit of changing in the setting will cause the issue of turning off, so there is troubleshooting which helps you most from rid of this problem.

For resetting the Xbox, click on the profile and system, then the setting and system. After that, click to console info and click reset console.

Another way to troubleshoot that is by pressing the power button for 10 seconds until it turns ON.

Defected Power strip

defected power strip

If there is a defect in the power strip, then it becomes the cause of turning off  Xbox automatically.

Check the power strip by plugging in another device.

If it is working, then replace the power strip. If you determine any fault in the power strip, then change it. It can troubleshoot the issue.


Why does my xbox keep turning off. If you find any issue in Xbox, whether it is in a new or old model, it does not matter because there is always troubleshooting for all problems.

So now you don’t need to throw away your Xbox because, in this article, there is brief troubleshooting of all the problems and the answers to why does my Xbox keep turning off?

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