Why does my ps4 keep disconnecting from wifi

Why does my ps4 keep disconnecting from wifi. If this problem appears, the enjoyer can not perform any online activity or gaming on the internet. If you are one of those in this trouble too, Then solve it and continue the tremendous enjoyment.

Firstly you have to understand that it is not big trouble and then start doing the steps as defined. I expect you to do it immediately and again start playing the game and surfing the internet on your own.

First, you should perceive why it happens. It happens when the wifi connectivity is not reliable; The DNS is not perfect for the ps4; the router is not working according to the ps4, or not a suitable IP address.

Why does my ps4 keep disconnecting from wifi

If you are worrying and dont have much information regarding this difficulty, then stop worrying more and follow the instructions because below, you can read all the solutions and fix this problem enduringly.

You can do it by power cycling, readjusting the IP address, By restarting the router, by change the DNS of the wifi, turning off the media server, downloading the updated firmware, and setting up the static IP.

Try to reset the ps4 console

try to reset the ps4 console

Most devices have a reset option, and when any setting disturbs or starts making difficulties for the users, choosing the reset option can reduce frustration. So same is the case of ps4 if it stops connecting. Then you can reset this.

  • Solution

So now You need to hold long the power button on the console of ps4 until you can hear the sound of the beep clearly and then release it.

Another way to reset the ps4 is by using the profile selection screen. Both work the same, so after using one of their options, you can easily reset the ps4 console and continue surfing the internet.

Test the connection

If you face this from time to time, then for this, you since try to test the connection because most of the time, if the connection speed will slow, then it does not connect to the ps4 easily, so in my opinion, you should try this step because it can be beneficial.

  • Solution

Next, Go to the ‘setting,’ select the ‘network type’ option, and go to the ‘test internet connection’ option. So to begin the test select the ‘test internet connection’ option.

After this, it will display the report of the connection, so now, if you see that the downloading speed is more than 25 Megabytes per second.

Then it is confirmed that the problem is the connection of the wifi. So inform your internet provider services agent in your area.

Update the latest firmware of the wifi router

update the latest firmware of the wifi router

Due to the lower version of firmware, the firmware of the wifi router can make this disconnectivity trouble, so now you should make the wifi router up to date so. Now for this, follow the instructions attentively.

  • Solution

First, you must open the ‘router’s web portal’ and select the ‘tool’ option.

After this, to find the latest version of the firmware, select the firmware tab, and choose the option name ‘Check now’ So if the update is available, it will show you.

Now, it will complete the update successfully by selecting it to update the latest firmware after this step.

Ps4 power cycling

Power cycling is an excellent method to rid of glitches. So, if the connectivity problem is making your enjoyment worse, you should power cycle the ps4. It is so simple to do.

  • Solution

When it starts a disconnected problem, power off the ps4, take the switch out from the electric point, and wait for at least 30 minutes.

After waiting, attach all cables again and now turn the router ON by ensuring that it is not connecting with any other device yet. Next, Switch the ps4 on and connect with wifi.

Select a suitable DNS

If the DNS is wrong, then this problem rises. So if you want non-interpreted internet speed and service to your ps4, then you have to adjust the right DNS, which is matcheable with ps4. So to set it manually, you need to follow the below step.

  • Solution

Select the ‘setting’ and go to the ‘network’ option now; on the menu, select the option named ‘setup internet connection,’ then now you can see the top option, but you have to select ‘custom’ then from the next two options’ automatic and manually’ you need to select the ‘manual.’

After this, you should choose the best one from the two ‘primary DNS and secondary DNS’ options. Now select ‘done’ and then ‘next’ now. You can set up the proxy setting if you want to do it now.


After this process, my advice for you is that you should restart it first. After this procedure, you can also have non-distractive connectivity and a tremendous gaming experience with a high-quality display.


Why does my ps4 keep disconnecting from wifi. In this article, I am sharing the five major problems and their solution in very easy steps,s and you can also do it instantly. These are the most customary trouble, so I hope you can solve them faster after reading this.

If you like it, then share it, and thank you so much for reading it.

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