Vizio tv sound not working

Vizio tv sound not working. Vizio is the top brand of smart tv with the latest technology. The users become disheartened when the sound of the smart tv becomes disabled.

It happens because of an old software version, speaker defects, and more. You can get the solution and listen to the sound perfectly by following some very simple steps.

You don’t need to worry if you ever try many troubleshoots but fail at all. I am providing you with the best troubleshooting, which works 99% and gives you fantastic results.

Vizio tv sound not working

You can solve it by factory restoring, By power cycling, updating its software, and many more. For all those, you are reading the right article.

You only need to make an effort to read this and apply the remaining work will be done by itself. So keep in touch and get amazing results.

Need to Upgrade the Software

need to upgrade the softwares

Many difficulties create when you don’t upgrade the software version of the Vizio smart tv. Because of it, the sound becomes stops. If you want to get rid of this, you must upgrade the software.

First, you need to turn it ON, then connect it to the internet. Then, you need to press the V key on the remote. After this, you must select the ‘system’ option in the menu.

After this, select the option named ‘Check For Update.’ Then, the tv starts searching for the updates, and if you see an update is available, select it.

After a few seconds, it restarts, and the software will update automatically.

Un Mute the Sound Volume

When the tv goes into the mute option, it stops delivering sound, and you can see the display only. You need to unmute the tv for this. You just need to follow simple steps.

Firstly, take the remote and see the plus sign button press it because it is used for increasing the sound volume.

After this, the sound volume will increase, then make sure the sound volume is changed from zero to an audible level. After this, you can listen to sound accurately.

By Restarting the TV

Sometimes the problem is not huge as it looks. So in most cases, it happens more times when the sound becomes stops, but I have simple troubleshooting.

First, you will need to take out the plug from the wall outlet and then wait for at least 60 seconds. After waiting, you have to restart it. When Vizio tv starts automatically means, it is slightly reset, and the sound starts working.

Replacing the HDMI

replacing the hdmi

You cannot listen to the sound because of a defect in the HDMI cable. Firstly check the HDMI  properly. It is easy to solve if there is any visible fault, but if the cable looks good, plug it out and then plug it in again.

If you see the fault on HDMI, then try it with another tv. If it also does not work, replace the HDMI cable. Always Use good quality cable. After this, the sound will work properly.

By Factory resetting the TV

If many solutions do not provide you peace of mind, then you have the best option of factory resetting. First, Take the remote and tap on the ‘MENU’ button, then a list appears on the screen.

You have to select the option ‘SYSTEM.’ It will be displayed on the last third of the list. After this, now select the option named ‘RESET AND ADMIN,’ then choose ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults.

Sometimes when you choose, a code option appears. Then don’t worry; you just input the code 0000. It is code for Vizio tv.

For External Speaker

Many peoples use the external speaker to get an amazing and loud sound. If this problem happens to them, they have to unplug the external speaker, reconnect it again, and restart the tv. After restarting the tv will provide the sound again amazing.

Disconnect/Connect all Cables

disconnectconnect all cables

Sound does not stop working only if the speaker is not connecting but also depends upon another cable, so to troubleshoot it, you have to disconnect all the wires, and after a few seconds, you have to connect it again.

Ensure that you connected the cables in the correct port and it is tightened fully. Then check the sound. It will work.

Stop the SRS TruVolume

When you enable the SRS TruVolume option, then the sound volume adjusts automatically. When you connect the external speaker, when they can not match each other, the results stop sound.

So to disable it first, By using a remote, select the ‘MENU’ button, then choose the audio setting from the list which appears on the screen.

Then you have to select the ‘ADVANCED AUDIO’ and then change the setting by choosing the option of SRS TruVolume to OFF. After this, you can set the sound volume yourself.


This problem occurs in most of the top brands, not only in Vizio TV. Many people think that the device has defected, but it is not true. It all happens when the setting becomes disturbed or cables become unsorted.

If you face this, you just need to keep calm and read this article properly, not just read but must have to apply it. In this, you can get all information to remove all problems regarding the Vizio tv’s sound.

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