Ultimate ears speaker how to connect

Ultimate ears speaker how to connect. Connecting the ultimate speaker gives you a loud and exclusive sound; most people want to combine it with their iPhones.

If you are using it for the first time, then you need to know about it, so here is the complete discussion of this.

It is very simple to connect all types of ultimate ear speakers with each other because it needs more effort. You can connect it by using Bluetooth if your phone.

Ultimate ears speaker how to connect

You should have the knowledge of pairing it with the device, then it will not be difficult for you here I am telling you about the connectivity, and if it is not connecting, then what are the reasons behind this?

So if you want to connect it and also know the reason behind not connectivity, then you just have to follow the steps.

Procedure to pair using simple Bluetooth

procedure to pair using simple bluetooth

For pairing, you need to turn ON both devices, meaning the speaker and phone.

Then go to the Bluetooth menu of the phone and press the button ‘+’ then it starts searching the device. After some minutes, you see the speaker’s name on the list and then tap on it.

Then it will pair automatically. Now the speaker twinkles or sounds a beep, then it is sure it is connected. Now you can listen to loud and clear sounds using your speaker.

How to pair again

Sometimes many devices are added to the list of the Bluetooth device of the iPhone then the phone can not recognize which are you want to connect to, so then the best solution is to remove the previous pair and add it again for pairing.

You just have to follow some steps.

Forget all Previous devices if you want to connect again

First, go to the menu list of Bluetooth and then search for the previous pair by entering the word ‘i’. Then, it will appear in front of you. Then select the option named forgot this device.’ After this, the pair become disconnected.

Then turn ON the speaker and search in the menu of Bluetooth, then pair it again by clicking on the speaker name.

When your speaker plays a beep or starts blinking, then you should understand that it is connected properly.

Connecting from application

There is another unique method to connect the ultimate speaker, which is by the application. You need to install its own app on the mobile and then start the procedure of connectivity, so just follow the steps and get connect it to the phone.

First, power ON the device and then install the application of your ultimate speakers than when it will downloads, open the application and tap on the ‘begin setup.’

Then it will start searching, but before this, a screen appears for the connectivity of the wi-fi, and you have to select your wi-fi and enter the password.

After this, if it finds a new update, then it automatically starts updating and gets up to date. Then your speaker will auto restart.

A Bluetooth menu will open in front of you, then you need to select the name of your speaker, and it will pair completely.

Connect with Amazon Alexa

First, go to amazon Alexa and sign in by using the credential, then enter your email in the option which appears.

Then you have to select the 3-month music option. From this, you can enjoy the music for 3 months free of cost and then ask whatever you want with Alexa and listen to more and more music.

Update the firmware of your speaker

update the firmware of your speaker

When the speaker is not updated and it needs a new firmware update, then it causes many issues, but the top of the list is if it stops connecting, then you have to update its firmware if you want unstoppable connectivity.

First, you need to turn off the Bluetooth and then again turn it ON, then also do the same procedure with the phone, and then now you have to download the application of the speaker from the internet and then update it. I hope very well that it starts connecting.

Reduce the distance

Distance between the device and the Phone can make connection problems, so if you want a solution, then first you have to close both of them each other then turn on the ultimate speakers and also turn ON the Bluetooth of the Phone and then try to connect to each other.


Ultimate ears speaker how to connect. With simple methods, you can connect the speaker in less time. In this article, there are two types of methods by which you can connect the ultimate speaker to your phone.

After reading this, you become able to connect with both methods effortlessly and enjoy the music without any distractions.

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