UE megaboom not charging

UE megaboom not charging. Ue megaboom is the best portable speaker, which gives you amazing sound quality. If you want to use it, you have to charge it.

Occasionally, you want to charge, but it can not charge properly because of several problems. It comes up from a faulty charging port, the worst battery, an older firmware update due to water drops, a defective electric point, and many more.

When you face this problem for the first time, you can not understand what to do, but if you have enough facts and figures, it becomes very simple for you.

UE megaboom not charging

After getting the information, you can solve it by changing the battery and charger, Replacing the USB port, drying out the water, trying it with another electric point, and more, which are written below properly.

So read the facts and figures which are given below. It will increase your knowledge regarding the ue megaboom charging trouble, and you can get rid of it.

Malfunctioning electric point

malfunctioning electric points

If the ue boom is not charging completely, behind this, a big reason would be the malfunctioning electric point, so now you need to inspect it.

Take the original charger of the ue megaboom and then plug it in with the previous electric point and then wait for some minutes and then if it is not charging, then try to connect the charger with the new electric point in your house.

It becomes charged because the previous electric point malfunctioned.

Continuously connecting

Another astounding method I am telling you about is the continuously connecting charger. In many cases, it gives stunning results.

For it, You have to attach the charger with the ue megaboom for a few seconds and then wait. next, Look at the LED; if it is still not blinking or turning ON, then you have to detach the charger and again attach it for seconds.

Attempt this procedure at least 25 times or until your ue megaboom starts the saving charger. After this, charge it fully. Then, you can listen to music and other stuff without disturbance.

Dry the ue megaboom

Contingent upon this, If the water goes in the internal panel of the ue megaboom, then it stops charging, so now the first step is never to try to connect the charger and not try to push the power button again and again too.

If the water is still in the panel, it can disturb all the functions and ruin the electric panel, so, In this situation, wait until the existing water becomes dry.

Another method, If you want to dry the water urgently, then take some quantity of dry in the bowl. The bowl size should be bigger than ue megaboom size.

Next, put the ue megaboom in the dry new rice, and then wait for some minutes until it dried completely, and then try to charge it because now it is out of danger and will not create a new mess for you.

Acquire a new charging cable

Usually, you see the charging cable can not grip tightly, and charging can not provide power to the portable speaker.

In this case, the fault is not in the adapter; the problem is the older charging cable. Firstly check the cable, and set it out with another device.

If it also can not perform any function, then you need to acquire a new charging cable for your ue megaboom.

Defective USB port

Defective usb port

If the charger and charging wire are working perfectly but still the ue megaboom is not charging well, then try to connect it to your personal computer.

Turn the personal computer On, remove the charging adapter and join the charging wire into the USB port of the pc. Next, also connect it with the ue megabook speaker.

Be careful sometimes. The software update starts installing automatically, so try to stop it and then wait if the speaker does not perform any activity.

Then the reason for this is a shoddy USB port, so it’s time to replace it.

Interchange the battery

In most models of the ue megaboom, there is a lithium-ion battery. It works very perfectly if it is in good condition. But when it becomes too cold or too warm, it starts making many problems and can not store the power, so the ue mega boom does not turn on.

So, see if the battery is in poor condition or not saving power, then go to your near outlet and acquire a new battery. Install it in the speaker and charge it. After complete charging, it will start working again.

Make an effort to factory reset

If you see the charger, electric point, adapter, battery, and charging cable are working perfectly. However, if the ue megaboom still not turning ON, you should make an effort for the factory reset. For this process…

Depress and hold the power button and also both volume buttons at the same time or until you listen to a beep sound.

After this speaker turns OFF accordingly, and then you will need to start it. After the start, it becomes factory reset.


The above section contains complete information on reasons and solutions regarding the ue megaboom turning ON issue, so now you can troubleshoot it yourself in your home.

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