TCL tv screen goes black but sound still work

TCL tv screen goes black but sound still work. Sometimes you are watching your favorite show, and suddenly the screen becomes black, but the sound works the same. This type of problem occurs on Television, but its solution is uncomplicated.

Electric devices can disturb at any time because it has no trust. There are several issues from which this happen, like a defect in hardware, wire issue, Cable connection problem, etc.

All complications have been troubleshooting, which is very simple to apply without any technician’s help.

TCL tv screen goes black but sound still work

Different reasons cause this problem, but the main reason is the gap between the cable connection and the device and also due to hardware defects.

If you want back your TV screen display like before, read the problem below and follow these simple steps to solve these defects.

Worst Device

worst device

If you are using a device with TCL TV like HDMI or Audio/Video, then this problem may be because of these devices too.

The first step that you should do is to check your device with another TV. If this works on that, there is an issue of defective cable.

Remove all the wires, even the power adapter wire too, and then tighten them after 10 minutes.

  • Sleep Timer is ON

If this trouble makes you unhappy and happens again and again, then you have to solve it through this troubleshooting.

When you are watching a show, check the time if it turns off daily; then, I have a solution. First, disconnect the power cable, reattach it, and start the TV.

Then go to MENU. Select the sleeping timer option to Disable and save the setting. Your problem will be solved.

Low version Software Update

When there is an availability of a firmware update, many people don’t update it because they think it is useless, but in reality, there are many benefits of it. The issue of the black screen can also occur because of low versions or not updating software.

How to update when TCL Tv turns black? To update software, search the TCL setting, then open the TCL user manual; check the picture of each prompt on the menu.

After this using an arrow key, select the option OK when you find the update option. Then it will update automatically. If there is a problem in updating the software, then contact support.

Response of LED indicators

LED indicators are the very best to check the problem. If you want to find the reason, then this indicator will help you. First, switch ON the tv and check whether the LED light is working or not.

If it works, there is a different problem, and if the light turns ON and the screen remains black, it means Tv is not getting power.

Complication in Battery

The best troubleshooting is power cycle which is another name for the restart, but in this, you have to disconnect the adapter cable from the outlet and then, after a few seconds again, attach it again.

It works accurately in most cases, but it still does not work. Then check the remote battery. If it is in dull condition or empty, replace it, then Turn ON the TCL tv.

Reset With Hardware method

reset with hardware method

After applying all steps, if it still has a black screen and sounds clear. One of the best options is to reset the blind tv by hardware method for this

You need a pin. Insert the pin in the tiny hole on the TCL TV’s side. It is above the USB port. Hold the pin in the same position until the tv screen turns off within 20 seconds. All TV settings will restore after this process.

  • Switch to the new HDMI

HDMI provides pictures from the device to the TV. The HDMI wire is often ruined for different reasons, and it happens at any time. It also happens when the HDMI cable becomes old.

Check the cable with another tv. If it also does not work on it, then attach a new HDMI cable which is made up of good quality material.


After every 10 days and check the cables. If the cables are loose, then tighten them. If the wire remains loos for a long time, it destroys the circuit board and the screen IC, so the screen turns black and delivers only sound.

Change the remote battery after some time or when it becomes low. If the battery becomes dead, then your tv does not turn ON.

Check the sleep timer to see if it is ON or OFF. If it is ON, then check whether the time is correct, which you set or not. Else set the time or turn the sleep timer option OFF.

It is compulsory to update the firmware because it gives a non-interpreted display and also more amazing advantages.

Always use an HDMI made up of good quality because it gives you a long time, provides the best performance, and is distraction-free or has peace of mind.


TCL tv screen goes black but sound still work. When the screen becomes black and sounds properly, most people think that it is dead and become useless, and they change the TV.

But it is wrong. It is good to solve this issue. In this article, There is a complete solution, and also reasons behind the turning of the black screen are mentioned. So Keep reading it with full focus.

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