Switch controller not connecting

Switch controller not connecting. The controller is the best accessory for a gamer. Whether it is professional or not, it does not matter. For a gamer, a good working controller matters more than other objects.

For the gamer, it is a very bad moment when the controller stops connecting with the device due to some reasons like syncing problems and many more.

You can easily manage all the problems by using some simple troubleshooting and also continue the entertainment and fast-performing games.

Switch controller not connecting

You can connect the controller easily by updating the software, By disabling the airplane mode, charging the battery, connecting correctly, etc

You just have to follow all the steps because there is full troubleshooting of all the mess regarding the connectivity of the controller.

Ensure the charging level is full

ensure the charging level is full

If the controller is wireless and the controller’s battery is almost ended, it creates trouble during the connectivity.

The indication of the battery level of all controllers is different depending on their model, so if it indicates the sign of a low battery, then charge it for at least 6 hours.

If the battery does not work after this process, then replace the battery.

Disable the airplane mode

If the device is in airplane mode, then the device can not connect with the controller, so you have to disable airplane mode.

First, you have to tap on the ‘home’ button, then tap at least three times on the ‘home screen,’ and then a menu will appear on the screen.

You have to tap on the ‘gear icon, and by tapping on it again, you will Go to the ‘access system setting’ where you will see the ‘airplane mode on the left side of the menu; then tap on the airplane button and disable it.

Now you can connect the controller easily.

Syncing problem

Sometimes the bad connection between the device and controller makes an issue of connectivity, so you need to connect both of them properly. To connect it

First, you need to press the ‘HOME’ button, then a menu appears. Now tap on the ‘CHOOSE CONTROLLER’ option, then disconnect the controller which is connected previously.

Now press the ‘SYNC’ button, which is on the controller, and then press the extra button on the controller. It will find the controller and connect it.

For the second controller, repeat this process. If it is not done by one time, then try two to four times more. It will connect.

Upgradation of software

If both objects are of lower versions, then it is difficult to connect both with each other.

If the device system is updated, but if the controller is not up to date, it also creates connectivity problems. So update both because it is important to process for connecting each other.

  • For System update

If you want to update the system, press the HOME button, and the icons will appear.

Now, choose the icon of ‘SYSTEM SETTING’ and then tap on it ‘SYSTEM.’ If the update is recommended, then it will update automatically without any distractions.

  • For Controller update

First, you need to open HOME then, select the SYSTEM SETTING button on the menu, then select CONTROLLER AND SENSOR’.

Now you need to select the ‘UPDATE CONTROLLER’ from the list and then update it automatically.

By simple rebooting

Sometimes the problem is small but looks huge so if you are facing a connectivity problem, then at least reboot the device one time. In most cases, it works and solves the problem of connectivity.

You have to press and hold the power button for at least three seconds, then tap on the power option, then select restart. It will restart, and the problem will solve.

Reduce the paired device

reduce the paired device

The devices have a limit to the paired device. If more devices are paired, and you want to connect with another, you can not do it, so if you want to connect, you first have to reduce the number of paired devices.

After this, you can pair another controller and enjoy the game.

By resetting method

After trying all troubleshooting, if you can’t recognize it yet, then you have the best option, resetting so you can reset all of the settings and connect the controller without any more disturbance.

Press on ‘HOME,’ select ‘SYSTEM SETTING,’ and choose the last option named ‘RESET SETTING.’ After this, it will reset.

Fine-Tune the stick

If there are difficulties in connecting with the controller, you can solve them by fine-tuning the stick. Yes, go to the home by tapping on the home button, select system setting, and choose controller and sensor.

Then, you have to select the calibrate control stick option, rotate the stick in one direction, and hold it there. Then follow the prompt if it still does not work, press the button X to celebrate it.


Distractions before gaming make them sad and worried. They need the help of a person, but if there is no one there to help, then the gamers go into depression.

This article helps you the most because you get all types of information and troubleshoots regarding the connectivity issue of the controller. So read it and begin the entertainment again without taking any other help.

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