Surface pro 4 not turning on

Surface pro 4 not turning on. When you want to turn ON the Microsoft surfer pro4, but it can not display anything and does not perform any function, it means there is a mess with the device.

The reason behind this issue is a low battery, or stuckness of the device in sleep mode, and many more. It is simple to resolve without any assistance from a person.

The suffer pro 4 causes problems not because of its internal defect but because of user mistakes. It is effortless to get rid of that type of mess. You only should follow the points given below.

Surface pro 4 not turning on

You often hibernate your device, which causes the draining of the battery, and when you want to turn it ON, it does not turn ON because the battery duration is ended.

There are some troubleshooting from which you can quickly analyze the problem and get the best ever solution which provides peace of mind.

By Resetting it

by resetting it

In previous cases, this problem was faced by many users, so Microsoft solved it by giving the option to reset the device. After resetting the device and all its functions work correctly.

For reset, first of all, Hold long and press the Power ON button for at least 30 seconds when the surfer pro 4 becomes OFF, then hold and press the volume button and power button simultaneously.

The screen may blink the Surface logo for 15 seconds, but don’t free the buttons. After releasing both buttons, wait for 10 seconds, then press and free the Power ON button. The surfer will turn ON automatically.

Defected Power Cord

One problem by which surfer pro 4 dint turn ON is the worst quality and a defect in the power cord.

First, connect the power cord and check the wall socket’s light to see if it is ON, then checks the top light of the surfer pro 4. If it is OFF, then replace the power cord.

Check the battery Life

If you are using surfer pro 4 for a long time and forget to plug in the charger, this problem is because of a low battery. It’s time to recharge the battery.

To charge at that position, connect the charger to the port and press the Power ON button on the upper left corner of surfer pro 4.

Inspect the Charging cable

inspect the charging cable

When you attach the cable to the charger, the surfer light does not turn ON. Then check the adapter light. If it is OFF, then the cable has a defect.

Another way to check the cable is to attach the cable with another adapter. If it also does not work, then replace the charging wire.

Detach the extra accessories

Connecting extra accessories is also a reason behind this problem. You can solve this by following the step.

The extra accessories connecting to the device caused low performance and some defects.

First, detach all accessories like USB, Mic, headphones, Keyboard, and others. Then Press the Power ON Button to start it.

Change the location

In most cases, the suffer pro 4 can overheat and stop turning ON. It is essential to cool it down and prevent any other problems.

To cool down, take it in a cool temperature room for almost 30 Minutes. It becomes cool down and turns ON. Many peoples agree with this step because this step works in most cases.

Brust Screen

brust screen

If the screen is damaged or broken completely, the best solution is to change it.

Replace the old screen with New and connect all the cables correctly when it is confirmed that you attach the correct cables to each other, then adjust it and Power ON the surfer pro 4.

By using Shortcut

You can troubleshoot turn ON problem with the help of the keyboard by entering shortcuts.

Press the window logo plus CTRL plus Shift plus B. After entering this command by attaching the keyboard to your device, it turns ON.


Because of the unmatched drivers, the issue of the device turning ON occurs, so update the driver, which is accurately matched with the display recommendation.

Once the drive match with the device, it clears all the issue of turning ON that you are facing. The steps to update the driver is below.

Go to the start menu to restart the device. Depress Power, then press the restart button. If this step does not work, Power ON the surfer pro 4 and attach it to a power source to charge for 30 minutes.

If it does not work too, then first hold long the power button down for 30 seconds; after this, hold long down both your surfer’s power button and its volume-up button for 15 seconds, then free it.

Wait 10 seconds, then tap the power button to turn ON the device.


Surface pro 4 not turning on. In mention above, most troubleshooting and the mess will discuss, so if you face an issue like not turning ON, then it does not mean that your device is faulty, but it also means that the sources or drive are creating some issues.

After reading this article, you acknowledge the reason behind this problem and also get a permanent solution. You will also perform this solution with taking help of any other person.

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