Samsung s6 active battery removal

Samsung s6 active battery removal. Samsung mobile is one of the best android phone brands with many tremendous characteristics. In the Samsung s6 active, there is a fixed battery that can easily remove by the straightforward method.

By using the simple tools, you can simply open the whole body of the samsung s6 active, and you can take out the battery and put the new one in it. That’s why you can change it by yourself with a few tools.

If you are a novice and facing this issue for the first time in your whole life, then you should free the frustration from your mind now, Because now you can replace the new battery o your Samsung s6 active rapidly.

Samsung s6 active battery removal

There are some simple procedures that will help you more in this situation because most people become so sad at this stage they think that their samsung s6 is now futile or will not accomplish any action.

If you want a swift solution, then you should not miss any point in the below section of this article, so if you are ready to solve and want to start the samsung s6 too, follow the instructions.

Necessitate tools

necessitate tools

If you want an un-distractive replacement for the Samsung s6 active, then you should have the necessary tools because if it does not have them, it which makes very big trouble for you.

You should need a plastic opener, an opener, a tweezer, and a suction cup.

Open the sim tray

The first and most essential part of this procedure is to take out the sim from the tray. Because if the sim remains in the tray, then it can ruin the sim slot and the section of the sim tray.

So for this, take a plastic opener or, using the top of the fingertips, put it in the pivot, which is located at the side of this phone. And then, the tray will be in front of you, and you can take out the sim easily.

Set apart the upper body

Now the next step is to set apart the upper frame of the Samsung s6 active for this, You will need opener tools, or you can also use a microwave oven because it is an alternate option.

So now you have to spread the heat around all sides of the frame. The time duration should be 1 minute. Thus the adhesive loses its hold, and then you can easily separate the frame perfectly.

Make gap screen by suction cup

Now it’s time to make the gap between the screen and the body of the Samsung s6 active. So for this, you need a suction cup according to the size of the display and then attach it to the screen.

And then, by pulling the suction cup with some force, you can easily detach the screen fastly. Always grip the other side of the frame strongly while performing this task.

Separate the screen completely

Now take a plastic tool and put it in the gap between the glass and the frame of Samsung s6 active and then move around from one side of the frame to the other side of the frame.

Make sure you are not forcing it too hard because more force can destroy the motherboard’s components.

Now take the suction cup again and attach it to the glass of the screen and then pull lightly.  Next, You can see the strip which connected the glass screen to the motherboard.

To separate the screen perfectly, you need to disconnect it with soft hands using a tweezer. Then the screen of the glass becomes taken apart properly, and now it is done.

Untighten the screws

Now you can see the 16 screws easily, which are tightened perfectly so now, by using the screwdriver PH-000, you have to untighten all of the screws on the frame, and then you can directly access the battery.

Disengage the battery

disengage the battery

After opening all the screws, then turning the frame back, you can see the battery, so now you should remove it first.

So for this process, take a plastic opener and put it in the gap, which is located on the lower side of the battery, and then move the plastic opener from top to bottom direction.

So the battery will change its position, and then you can remove it from your fingertip.

Join the new one

Now you can easily attach the new one, so for this, you have to buy the original battery from the official online store of Samsung or an outlet at the market.

So after buying it attach properly in its position. After the replacement of the screen, you can easily use the Samsung s6 active for all purposes. If you can face any trouble and are not able to repair it, then call on Samsung support.


Samsung s6 active battery removal. At the end of this article, I will not tell you the summary, but I am giving you motivation.

Whenever you want to replace the screen of the Samsung s6 active first, you have to remove all the negative thinking from your mind and make yourself full of confidence, and that confidence will help you very most to complete the task successfully.

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