Samsonite luggage wheel replacement

Samsonite luggage wheel replacement. Samsonite luggage bag is ideal for traveling, and you can adjust many objects in it. Due to more load of the objects, the wheel becomes worse, and it must need the wheel replacement for next use.

If you are a travel lover and have traveled many times, then you know that the worst wheel can also disturb the traveling and the mood, so now I am going to tell you about the replacement of the wheel.

After reading it, you can replace the wheel and continue exploring the world’s amazing places without any extra problems.

Samsonite luggage wheel replacement

Here is the complete method to replace the samsonite luggage wheel and the necessary tools to help you complete this task and start your journey again.

For the instant solution, you have to follow all the instructions regarding the replacement of the wheel, and then you get a tremendous outcome.

Inspect the defective wheel

inspect the defective wheel

Firstly, you have to see all the wheels and find out when which are defective and creating trouble for you, and then you become sure that you find the worst condition wheel, you can easily go to the next step.

Otherwise, you can not resolve this problem, and it wastes your time.

Take out the dirt from the wheel

In most circumstances, Most travelers think that the wheel is in the worst condition, but on another side.

The problem is dirt because when the dirt particle enters the wheel, they become trapped, and the wheel can not move, so it ruins the time and mood of the traveler.

For this, you have to clean all the dirt particles from the wheel using the clean piece of cloth, and when sure that it is completely clean, then you can use it again without more disturbance.

Detach the old wheel

Suppose you clean all the derbies from the wheel, and still, it is not working properly. Then you have to remove the previous wheel because now it can not use for more traveling.

So to take it out. You have to open the two screws, which are located at the axis of the wheel. After screwing off them, you can easily remove the old wheel. Now you can apply the next step.

Measuring the size

Now it is essential to measure the diameter of the wheel. Take a measuring tape, measure the wheel’s diameter, and also note the wheel’s width because this step will help you again readjust the new wheel.

Screw off the clip

After measuring the wheel, you can see the clip that is attached to the four wheels(The quantity of the screws depends upon the shape and model of the luggage).

Using the accurate screwdriver, screw off all of these and be careful during taking them off that you should never force too hard.

Then you can take out the wheel case, which is joined to the luggage and also supports the wheel.

Purchase the new wheel

Now to replace the wheel of the luggage, you need to buy it from the market. Make sure you buy the meter according to the measurement because it can simply suit the previous position of the wheel.

So also purchase the good quality made material wheel because it gives you a long traveling without any extra disturbance.

Install new wheel

install new wheel

Now it’s time to install a new wheel, so take a new one. And adjust it in the axis of the clip and tighten both screws.

Next, put four straight pins into the four holes when you are sure it is fixed at the right position. So, then proceed to the next step.

Adjust the clip again

When you adjust the wheel on its position, then you have to adjust the clip too. Always adjust the clip to its real position and then tighten all four screws of the wheel.

Make sure you tighten all the screws perfectly. Otherwise, the wheel does not adjust properly and can create new trouble during traveling.


Samsonite luggage wheel replacement. If you are a traveling lover, so you face many difficulties.

But sometimes, without knowledge, you become confused about solving any one of these problems, so in sam in the case if you can not have much knowledge about the replacement of the wheel.

Then you can not move the luggage, and it becomes more difficult for you to go to your destination.

So you must have information regarding this. If not, then I am sharing the best knowledge after long research, and I hope that it works well.

And after reading, you can also replace the wheel of your samsonite luggage bag anywhere without the help of any stranger.

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