Roku won’t turn on

Roku won’t turn on. Roku is the best device for entertainment but sometimes, because of some defect, its top work or stops turning on.

Behind this, the main troubles are overheating, loose cables, lower versions of firmware or missing updates, and many more.

All solutions you can find here. You just need to apply the procedures which are written below. All are very simple to do.

Roku won’t turn on

You can solve it just by tight the cables, cooling down their temperature, updating the firmware version, and many more.

Read it properly and not only rea, do all of the procedures according to the situation is very compulsory to get amazing results.

Tight the cables

tight the cables

First of all, you have to check all the cables which are connecting to the Roku. If you find a cable that is loose, then you have to tighten it.

Because if the cable is loose, then the power can not provide properly to the Roku, and it does not turn ON.

Power is not enough

If the power is not racing to the Roku, then it won’t turn ON. So firstly, you have to check the output of the wall outlet to determine whether it is providing accurate power or not.

If it is not providing proper power, then the roku will not turn on.

To check the power output, attach another device like a computer, charger, or tv with it. If it also does not turn ON, then you have to attach the Roku with another outlet in the home, which is working best.

By disconnect

Sometimes users attach many wires to the roku and forget to take them out. So the roku stops turning on.

Now for this, you need to disconnect all the wires and extra wires from the roku device and then re-connect all of them again, and this time, do not attach the extra wires. After this start, the roku starts working properly.

Old firmware update

Updating the firmware is a must because many features come in the new update, which helps you entertain more and more. So if you are using the old version, then it also causes the turning on the problem.

So if you want to get rid of it, then first you have to update the version, and when you see another update, then you have to update it regularly.

Device become overheat

When the device becomes overheated many problems creates but the main problem that the user faces mare is not turning on the roku.

So when you use it most time, then, after some time, feel if it is warm, then turn it OFF for 30 minutes. After this, again, feel whether it is cool or hot. If it is cool, then you can start it and get entertained yourself.

Connect new adapter

connect new adapter

Most of the time problem is in the adapter and seems big, so if the adapter is bad or in old condition, then you have to change the adapter.

If you want to confirm whether the adapter is bad or not, then connect this adapter to another device and then check if this device also switches ON or not; if not, then it is sure that it’s time to buy a new one.

Always buy the best quality adapter which can match your roku device.

Issue in remote

When you switch the roku ON, you see the light is displaying, but the screen is showing the whole display black after turning it ON by the remote, then the problem is not in the device.

The problem is the worst condition of the remote so now, change the battery of it or replace it with the new one.

Start the TV again

If you are facing this difficulty, then you have an option to start the tv again. So first turn off the tv and wait for 15 minutes. After completing the waiting time, you have to start the tv again.

After this, the roku device will turn ON and start your entertainment again.

Physical factory setting

When the screen is turned OFF, then you can not do the normal factory setting, so now you have an option to do it physically. You need a small pin. and then, see the back side of the roku device; you can see the tiny hole.

Then you just need to put the pin in the hole and hold it for at least some seconds. Then the factory setting will automatically be set on the device. Now, start the device. It will turn ON if the issue is in the setting.


Roku won’t turn on. Everyone wants entertainment, so they buy the roku device to entertain themselves from it.  All peoples connect it to the internet for extra entertainment, so when the roku stop turning off then, the user becomes sad and want to troubleshoot it at home.

Now it is easy to troubleshoot because I researched most about it and wrote this article for those users. In there is a whole explanation about why it is turning off and also the troubleshooting to get rid of it.

I hope very well; after reading this, you get the fastest troubleshooting and enjoy the entertainment, and it will make your day the best.

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