Roku won’t connect to internet

Roku won’t connect to internet. Everyone wants to stay connected to the internet, and if they want to use it for entertainment, they can connect it to a TV screen using Roku. Most people use wifi to connect to Roku. But they face some problems.

What happens if your Roku won’t connect to the internet? It stops entertaining and make headaches for the user. It does not connect because of some different problems like the distance between router and TV, low signal od internet, ethernet issue, etc.

All these messes are easy to solve. If you want to connect to the internet with your Roku, then read this and get the troubleshoots without taking the help of any other person.

Roku won’t connect to internet

The main cause of Roku not connecting to the internet is the low range of wireless signals, Weak signal strength. It also happens because of accessories like modems, routers, etc.

All of these can be solved easily by following the points mentioned below, and you can continue entertainment again with no distractions.

Less the gap between router and TV

less the gap between router and tv

In most cases, the Internet does not connect to the TV because of the distance between the router and the TV.  You have to lessen the distance between the router between each other.

The distance should be 2 meters or less; due to this, the signal strength becomes increases, and easy to connect the tv to the internet.

Join Ethernet Cable

Suppose you are facing any difficulty connecting the wifi with the tv. In that case, it has a  solution which is an ethernet cable.

Yes, the ethernet cable is best to provide the full and strong speed between the router and the Roku, so use it if you want a fast connection without interruption.

Wifi Power Cycle

To connect once, try to power cycle the wifi. In most cases, it solves this kind of problem. To power cycle the wifi,

First, switch OFF your wifi and take out the plug from the wall outlet, then wait for 5 seconds until the power of wifi will drain. Join the plug with the wall outlet, and then switch the router ON again.

After this, go to settings of Roku, then system, and then select the network option. then select the password option and then select ‘set up new power connection’ Enter the password.

After this, Roku will automatically be connected to the wifi. This process is called a power cycle.

Select 5GHz WiFi Frequency

By default, the frequency is set to 2.5Ghz. It can only connect all devices in your home area, but you can use 5.0GHz frequency if you want to connect to the internet with Roku fast.

By changing the frequency, you can easily connect to the internet with Roku and get amazing speed. You also get non-interpreted entertainment. To change the frequency to too high, follow these steps.

First, switch ON the device and then go to the setting, and you will see the option of the frequency band, which is set to 2.5 by default, but you have to select the 5.0Ghz band, then it will change.

Now you can connect to the internet with Roku very fastly.

Distraction in signal

distraction in signal

If your device is in a small room or in an area where is an issue with the signals so you should change the position of the router or set it where the signal strength is strong or where there is no disturbance occurring between the signal and router.

One more issue of not connecting is that many members of the home connect their mobiles with wifi.

Because of this, signals become weak, so you should reduce the connectivity of mobile-first. It will solve this problem.

By Booting-up Roku

First, go to the home screen of Roku by using a remote. Move the arrow to the right side of the page, and then again click from the right arrow to access the setting page.

After this, scroll down the page and select the system restart option in the list. By clicking with the right arrow, select the start option, then click OK

First, it disconnects,s then auto-reconnects. Now Roku is ready to use.

By changing the domain name system

To increase the working efficiency of the device, it is best to change the DNS. To change it

Log in to your router account by entering the credentials, then scroll down, see the option of DNS change, and select it. Then change the internal DNS into the public DNS address.

By using Input in DNS1 and in DNS2, you can change it easily and then save the setting, and then you have to restart the router and the Roku at the same time. It done.


Roku won’t connect to internet. Problems create when the setting and signal can not match. After many kinds of research, I added many points that make issues between you and your entertainment.

After reading this article, you can connect the internet setting and Roku to each other without hard effort.

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