Reset bose color soundlink

Reset bose color soundlink. Bose color soundlink is a tremendous speaker which provides highly professional sound quality. It connects very rapidly with all kinds of devices and gives an outstanding experience to a listener.

If you see any defect in the normal usage or any disarrangement in the settings, then the best solution is to reset it. But in this situation, you should have a piece of accurate knowledge to reset it.

At this no need to fret anymore because, in this article, you can get the info in full detail and also in a step-by-step format. It can help you to understand the procedure in very easy ways and instantly too.

Reset bose color soundlink

If you are searching more on this topic but yet, you are not getting a simple procedure, then be happy now because you are on that page where you will get this procedure in a very simple and unique way.

So if you are interested in knowing how to reset the bose color soundlink, then why are you waiting for it? Now you should scroll down and get the complete description about it, so now keep reading and reset in a few minutes.

Charge it first

charge it first

The first compulsory step is to examine the battery level of the bose color soundlink because if it has a low battery level, then during the resetting process, it creates a big problem for your speaker.

So, first of all, attach the charger until it becomes increased, or you can apply the steps of resetting while connecting that charger with a power cord. So once the battery level becomes high, move on to the next step to reset it.

Switch it ON

When the battery becomes reaches a suitable level for resetting now, you have to turn the speaker ON. Because it is so must in the turning on the position, you can not perform any type of resetting,

So now you need to depress the button, which is located on the bose color soundlink. After powering it on, you can see a very small light. It indicates that it turns on perfectly.

Procedure to reset

Firstly, you have to adjust the speaker so that all the buttons are visible in front of you.

And also very easy to touch, so now you can see the AUX button and more, but you only need to depress the volume down button and the aux button at the same time.

Once you have done it, proceed to the next step to reset.

Releasing the button

When you press the button for 10 seconds, then do not leave it until the speaker can not disconnect from the power resource. When it detaches then, you can release the birth button at the same time.

So when you see the source is detached properly, then you can start the next process. The next procedure is to restart the device.

Restarting the speaker

restarting the speaker

Now at this moment, the device is still not reset because without restarting, it will not reset, so now you have to restart the reset bose color soundlink.

For this, you have to depress and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.

After turning a second, the tiny light will turn off that indicated the speaker is completely off now, so now you have to press the power button long until the light blink again.

It means that it is now on, and now you can listen to stuff easily. And the device is reset now perfectly.

Second Procedure

If you do not have much time or you are in a hurry to listen to stuff, then you have another option which is most simple, and you can do it in any situation so for this…

First of all, you have to turn the speaker to make sure the power light is on. Then you need to depress and hold long the power button for less than 10 seconds.

After this, you can listen to a sound. It is the sound to select the language, so now you should not press any button, just skip the sound and press the down button. After this, it will reset permanently.


In the finishing session, I am sure that you easily got my points which helped you in resetting the bose color soundlink.

In this article, I provide the two most accurate and simplest methods; I shared the task before starting the task and then the proper procedure in the step-by-step form, which is easy to understand as compared to others.

But I also hope very best that it is the most helpful content and it will help you in every difficulty regarding the speaker and the mainly about the resetting purpose.

So I am expecting that after reading this, you will convince other people to read my article, and you will provide the link to this article to your friend and community circles.

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