Replacing home button iphone 5

Replacing home button iphone 5. The home button performs several functions on the mobile, and without it, the user feels so difficulties performing the different processes.

If you are also facing a problem regarding the home button of the iPhone 5 and do not have more info about it, then there is a full and fast method to replace the home button.

So in this article, you can get the necessary tools, the best time to perform the accurate step, and the full and exact method to change the home button with complete safety. If you want to know, then you can not need to make any big effort.

You just need to follow all the instructions regarding this problem with full concentration.

Replacing home button iphone 5

Does not matter whether you are a learner or a professional, but if you want to replace the home button without facing any extra trouble, you will just need to apply the best procedure at the best time.

So if you are waiting for the procedure, then leave the talk and go to read the method in the below section of this;

Essential tools

essential tools

If you want to be successful in this process and also want to complete this with full peace of mind, then you should have all the essential tools before replacing the home button of the iPhone 5.

So for this, take a spudger, screwdriver, tweezer, 100% original home button, and the suction cup.

Switch the iPhone 5 off

Firstly make sure that your iPhone 5 is not connected to the charger.

If it is already joined, then detach it and then turn the iPhone 5 off because it will save you from many worst mishaps.

Unbold the screws

Now it is time to open the upper body of the iPhone 5. For this, you have to open the screws, which are located near the charging port.

There you will see two small screws, so by using the screwdriver, open both of them and then apply the next step.

Detach the display screen

Now attach the suction cup to the front side of the screen and then take a plastic opener tool. First, lift the screen, and then a gap will create.

Put the plastic pry in this and keep moving until the screen becomes fully separate from the frame. Now you can see that screen is joined with the motherboard via a strip.

Open the bracket

If you want to proceed to the next step, you have to unscrew the bracket to separate the screen perfectly. So you can see three screws on the bracket.

Firstly you have to open the first two, which are tiny, and then the third one.

Now is the best time to remove the screen connector, so for this, take a tweezer and apply some force by using it in an accurate direction and open the screen connectors properly after removing all the necessary sensors.

The connector is connected to the screen and the motherboard. The screen will be separated perfectly now.

Remove the defective home button

remove the defective home button

Now you have to remove the previous home button, Which is connected with the two tiny screws. You have to take a screwdriver and start taking out both.

After this, take the spudger and apply some force and then pull the previous button out. If you become accomplished with removing it, then try the next step.

Adjust the new home button on it

If you already bought the new button, then it is good. I hope you bought the original one, but if you have a local-based home button for iPhone 5.

Then it is my advice to you that dont try this because it performs not accurately and can create this problem again for you from time to time, so buy the original one and then adjust it in the same position and tighten the two screws properly.

Now you can join the part and the connectors of the iPhone, and after arranging the whole iPhone 5 again, you can get a tremendous experience, as previously.


If you are not a professional or you are also not a learner but want to replace the home button. Then dont take tension because after reading this, you can do it with your own hands and get an unbelievable outcome that you have never experienced before.

The reason behind telling this phrase is that first, I researched it, and after long research, I am sharing the most relevant and extraordinary steps with you.

Due to these simple steps, everyone can understand and apply them to this situation, so I hope greatly that it is so meaningful for you.

If it is true that you like it, then I am expecting that you will share it with the more effective people.

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