Remove hard drive from macbook pro

Remove hard drive from macbook pro. Having more capacity for a hard drive means you can store a large amount of data, but if the hard drive is low and you want to upgrade, you need to remove the previous hard drive first.

Changing the MacBook Pro’s hard drive is very simple, and you can upgrade the space and the performance to become high.

You can change the hard drive without losing your important data. For this, you have to follow some important points.

Remove hard drive from macbook pro

For the amazing performance of speed and to store more amount of images, videos and documents, you need to install a large capacity hard drive in your MacBook pro.

By following the few steps, you can change it yourself. You can get your laptop’s massive storage capacity and enjoy extraordinary performance speed.

Protect your previous data

protect your previous data

You have previous data and want to protect it and never want to lose it, but you also want to increase your hard drive’s storage.

Then don’t worry; I am telling you the procedure to upgrade your hard drive without losing your data.

First, you need to go to the system preference option, and then many icons will open one page will appear on the screen.

Then find the time machine icon and select it. After this, you will see that it is off. For backup of data and you just need to turn it ON.

Then go back and see the cloud option and select it. Then a page will open, and now you will select the sign-out option. It is done, and your data is saved in it.

Ejecting the battery

Before changing the hard drive, it is a must to eject the battery because if the battery is inside, it causes many problems like battery dead and also causes of shock attack.

Sometimes the battery becomes dead. So remembering this step is essential.

Screw up the macbook pro

screw up the macbook pro

First, turn OFF the MacBook pro, unplug the charging if it is in the charging process, and then eject it. The hard drive is not visible because it is attached to the internal body.

So you have to open the screw of the MacBook pro. It has ten screws, and you need a screwdriver that can suit the screws. Then by rotating the screws anti-clockwise, open it completely.

Remove the previous hard drive

Once you open all screws, it’s time to remove the hard drive. For this, see where the hard drive is attached. Now firstly, you have to open the screw of the black bar, which grips the hard drive tightly.

It has two screws. After opening it, you have to screw up four screws located on the edges of the hard drive now that it will detach completely from the body.

Upgrading the new hard drive

To install the new hard drive, take a new hard drive. The same interface shape as the previous hard drive is a must.

After this, adjust it to the exact side of the body, and now by using a screwdriver, tighten the screws properly. Then attach the black bar and tight also its two screws. The new hard drive is attached accurately.

Close the Body

close the body

After all this, it’s time to close the body. Be careful when closing it.

If any wire is trapped between both sides of the body, it creates a new problem, so ensure that the body is in a real position and then join the body by using a screwdriver.

Check the Performance

After installing, start your MacBook pro and check the speed.

It is sure that it will give you fantastic fast speed compared to the previous hard drive, and you can also store an excessive amount of data without any disturbance. The transfer speed also becomes high after changing it.

When to upgrade the hard drive

If you see the following issues, then you need to increase the hard drive of your MacBook pro. First, when it starts making an irregular sound or making noise, and second.

When the MacBook pro starts freezing most of the time, third, when files disappear automatically and stop opening, fourth, programs and software give a slow performance or become freeze.

The last is when your MacBook utility disk starts making errors during use.  If you face these problems, hurry up and change the MacBook pro’s hard drive now.


Before changing the hard drive, you have to plug off the charging, Eject the battery, Use the accurate screwdriver, Use g Use the same interface hard drive as previously, and back up your previous data.

These are some important precautions to remember while changing your MacBook pro’s hard drive.


Remove hard drive from macbook pro. This article contains complete information regarding changing the hard drive of the mac book pro.

Not only this, but also you can also get knowledge about the precautions and reasons to change when you change it.

After following all of these steps with full focus, you can get outstanding results, and I hope very best that after this, you become able to change it yourself without taking the help of any other person.

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