Razer naga trinity right click not holding

Razer naga trinity right click not holding. The mouse is a very crucial part and performs many actions. All buttons work for special purposes, but if one of them stops performing, it makes it difficult for a user to move the cursor for the tasks.

Because of numerous reasons, the right button of razer naga trinity stopped working. For example, the driver of the mouse is not updated, the driver of the computer is of the oldest version, may the USB port is not working perfectly, the dirt below the button, and many more, which are in the lower section of it.

These are the only reasons why the right button is not holding properly, so if you want to continue your entertainment and activities, then you have to follow the points in the below part.

Razer naga trinity right click not holding

it is not so difficult to solve such type of problem. You can solve it by reattaching the mouse, updating the latest version of your computer driver, and Installing the latest firmware version of the razer naga trinity.

If your limit of wait is over and now you can not wait to solve this anymore, then following several procedures, you can get rid of it instantly and get the tremendous outcome that you never got before.

Do the update of the computer driver

do the update of the computer driver

Most of the time, users try to attach a new mouse, but they forget to install the latest version for it.

That is why when they try to use it for any purpose, the button stop working, and most time, the right button becomes worst.

So whenever you change your mouse, you should have info about the latest driver for it. So you can download it online and can install it on the computer.

After the installation of the most suitable driver, the mouse starts working accurately.

Detaching the mouse

It is a unique method and also works in most situations. For this, you have to turn on the computer and then check the movement.

Suppose the cursor can not start moving. You should try this method at least one time. Many users found it very useful.

For this, You have to unplug the cable of the mouse from the port and then again plug it into the port. Then, you can see the attachment notification pop up on the screen.

It means it is attached successfully. Now you can use the razer naga as usual.

Affix the button

Occasionally, the button holder becomes bad because of the internal breakage of the right button. So for this, you have to open the mouse and determine the breakage.

If you think that it can fix easily, then correct the condition of the button and then close the mouse.

After adjustment, you have to connect it to the computer. If you show a notification on the screen, then it means. It is connected properly, and now you can use it accurately without any disturbance.

Install the latest mouse driver

install the latest mouse driver

Installation of the computer driver is not enough. Because if the computer driver is accurate, but the driver of the mouse is still not accurate, then you have to update it.

Most companies send the cd drive with the package of the mouse for installation, but if you dont receive it with the package, then you can download it from the official website of the mouse.

So once you install the required driver of the mouse on the computer, you can easily use the mouse for all purposes. And it also gives you an uninterrupted speed performance.

Clean dirt from the below button

When the dirt particles enter the internal board of the mouse or below the button then, it distracts the action from performing. So if you see that the right button of the mouse is not holding correctly, then you have to remove the extra dirt particles from the board.

To clean the razer naga trinity button, you have to open the mouse using the screwdriver and then check the specific full of dirt area beneath the right button. If you see the derbies on it, then you have to clean it with a clean microfiber cloth. And then close it for use normally.

Another method is very easy. It needs no tool or anything. If you want to clean it instantly, then you have to use the air blower on the defective button. After this, all dirt becomes removed, and now you can use it tremendously.


Thinking that if any button on the razer transit stops holding, then it does not mean that the whole mouse is infected, But the truth is that it happens due to the upper mentioned points.

If you are facing this problem, then do not suppose that the whole mouse is defeated. You just need to follow the instructions that I shared with you. Because after reading this, you can easily solve this matter without any further effort.

I hope after reading you get the best solution, and if it happens in real, then you should share it with the people who are still in this trouble.

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