PS4 manual eject not working

PS4 manual eject not working. Ps4 is a prodigious source of entertainment. If you want to play any entertainment stuff, then you need to put the disc in the console to start it. But sometimes, users face a problem regarding manual ejection.

The main problem they face is the ps4 manual eject stop working or does not properly start the functions. For beginners, it is new trouble for them. So, they feel so annoyed to see it.

But in reality, it looks like very big trouble, but it is not. So those users who are not familiar with this type of problem then become familiar with it now and also get numerous solutions. So read it with focus.

PS4 manual eject not working

There are different causes by which it happens, for example, because of dust, damaged machinery, rust in the ejector, breakage in the internal panel and the top of the list is when the user can not adjust the disc right.

So if you want to solve this also in less time, you have to see all the instructions which I am sharing with you in the below section of this article. It will be very helpful for you, so keep reading and get the solution.

Any damage to the mechanism

any damage to the mechanism

The disc becomes trapped when there is a breakage or damage in the machinery. Most of the time, when the breakage piece remains in the machine, then it stops moving the ejector, so the disc becomes trapped, and you can not take it out manually.

So for this, you have to open the upper body of the ps4 and inspect the piece or any breakage.

If you find then fix it if you have information regarding it, but if you dont have the knowledge, then leave it and contact a technician.

Rust in the internal panel

It also happens when the machinery is in bad condition or becomes full of rusted material. So it stops the machinery from ejecting the disc, not only the disc but also stops more functionality of the ps4.

So now open the upper case of the ps4 and check if you see any rust. Then you have to clean it if possible.

There are several types of chemicals available that are not harmful to the electric board, so you can purchase them and use them for this purpose and get rid of this mess.

Disc not adjusted well

Occasionally many users put the disc instantly without care, so after this disc easily enters the ps4, but when you try to put it out, the ejector does not come out.

It happens because of the wrong way of putting the disc in it. So now it creates a big mess for the users.

So always put the disc in a normal mood and also with a gentle hand because pushing with more force can smash any element of the ps4.

Low output of power

If you want to eject the disc manually, then you have to provide the accurate power output to the ps4 because if the power output is not suitable for the PlayStation 4, then the disc tray can not eject out.

So, first of all, you have to examine the power output from the electric source.

If it is low, then you have to fix it by yourself or with the help of any service agent, and after this, you can easily eject the disc and enjoy the fun again without any distractions.

Force start the ps4

force start the ps4

Now there is an amazing option for the ps4 users to remove the disc from it. So for this, you just need to follow the instructions which I am written below. I hope it is the easy and best method ever.

First of all, Start powering off the ps4 until the light turns off completely, and then take out all the power cords properly.

Then you have to depress and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds; after this, join all of these cables and turn the ps4 ON again.

After this procedure, the disc will come out without any disturbance.

Unstained the dirt particles

Dirt is not good for the internal panel because it reduces functionality and power output. So this problem is also made because of dirt/mud particles.

So when you see this problem, you just need to open the upper cover of the ps4 until you see all the panels and dirt properly.

Next, take a clean cloth or a brush and clean all the panels using it. When you clean it all properly, then cover the body again and power ON the ps4. I am sure that it begins perfectly, and now you will not feel any more frustration.


Most people know all the functions very well but do not get the information about maintenance. So after a long time of usage, problems start creating, and their frustration increases day by day.

So if you want to solve all types of problems regarding ps4 and also about manual eject, you should get the information from the articles because it is very helpful for you and also for the ps4, so I hope now you understand the solution regarding the disc trapped.

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