PS4 hdmi port not working

PS4 hdmi port not working. All PlayStations can not perform any action in the absence of wires. It consists of many wires, but the HDMI cable performs a special function in it.

And when it becomes worse, it makes a very disappointing situation for users.

If HDMI stops working, the reason may be there dirty and worst condition port of the console, More mud in the HDMI port, defect in the chip, Faulty led indicator of the console box, and many more.

HDMI has an essential role in the PlayStation 4, so finding out the reason behind this is also an amazing task if it stops working. But I want to tell you that it is very simple, which you will not imagine before reading this article.

PS4 hdmi port not working

But the good news is that fixing all the problems regarding ps4 HDMI port is not very hard to do. So you can easily clean the dirt from both the console and HDMI ports.

You can also adjust the faulty chip to start its performance again, which you can solve from the methods below.

So if you are ready and excited to know about all of these, then it will only need your full attention and nothing, and after reading, you can sort out all problems with the HDMI port immediately and joy the games again without disturbance.

Clean the dirt from the HDMI port

clean the dirt from the hdmi port

If the HDMI cable is in the best condition, it works better, and if its condition is bad, then it works slowly or stops completely.

So you should have good condition HDMI cable if you want non-distractive games and fast-speed entertainment.

HDMI cable work long time if it is original or made up of tremendous quality; otherwise, do not expect outstanding performance from the low quality and local HDMI cable.

  • Solution

First, you have to check the HDMI cable port. If you see any mud or dirt particles, then it is sure that the problem is rising due to this dirt.

So now you should clean it by using different methods. After cleaning, it will work accurately like before and give you a fantastic gaming speed for a long time.

Dirt particles in the console box HDMI port

Dirt particles not only enter the HDMI cable port but can also enter the HDMI port of the console box and become very hard.

Because of it, when you put the cable in the port, the dirt stops the power from transferring to the motherboard, so your HDMI port stops working as previously.

  • Solution

So for this, you have to clean the HDMI port of the console box too. For this, you can use compressed air because of this and it is best to clean this type of area.

So you should remove the dirt particle using compressed air until you see all the dirt is properly cleaned. After this, you can attach the HDMI cable with it and continue the game with outclass performance.

If you never want to see this problem again, you should examine both ports after a few days. And if your find dirt and mud particle, then you should remove them until the dirt becomes removed completely.

Inspect the TV mode

If you want to use it to play games, then you should change the normal mode to HDMI mode because, in normal mode, it can not start any game.

In this situation, most people think that the HDMI cable has become defective, but it is not true.

  • Solution

But in reality, the mode is incorrect, so you should go to the menu before gaming and then examine the mode.

If you see the mode is on normal, then you should change the mode to HDMI mode and then try to connect the ps4 to the tv. It will start working again without any more disturbance.

When you change the mode to HDMI, do not think it is adjusted permanently, so you have to change the mode whenever you want to play the game using your PlayStation 4.

Try the new HDMI cable

try the new hdmi cable

After using several procedures, if your tv does not disappear ‘no signal’ or ‘no connection’ error, then you need to change the whole length and condition of the HDMI cable.

Because most of the time, the HDMI cable’s condition worsens, and it stops working.

  • Solution

So you need to inspect the full wire. If you see any breakage/damage or see its condition of it is very bad, then you should replace this cable with a new one because the port is working best, but the main reason is the HDMI cable.

You can feel the amazing and speedy performance when using the new HDMI cable. My trustful advice is that you should use an original HDMI cable. It will work better than other locally made HDMI cables.


PS4 hdmi port not working. In the end, I hope you become surprised after reading this article because I know you think it would be more difficult, but it is not because I bring the best and most easy solutions for you, as I also said in the introduction paragraph.

So keep reading it with full attention, and I thank you by heart very much for reading it.

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