PS4 controller x button not working

PS4 controller x button not working. All button on the ps4 has their own functionality, no doubt, and all are very useful. But the x button is very special. Because it is mostly used for the ‘confirm’ command.

But if the x button stops working, you can not perform any entertainment on your ps4, making your mood worst.

It mostly happens the dust around the button, any breakage in the button, and many more that today I am discussing with you in this article.

PS4 controller x button not working

It is not more difficult to clean the surface of the button. Replace the button x, reset the ps4, connect the ps4 with Bluetooth, and more.

The instructions regarding the problem with the x button of ps4 are mentioned in the below section. After following the steps, you can get instant solutions and a tremendous experience.

The smashed button

the smashed button

Most of the not only ‘x’ button, including most buttons, becomes smashed, then it stops performing any task. So in the case of the ‘x’ button, it may have an issue with the smashed ‘x’ button.

So if you see any breakage in the ‘x’ button, then you have to replace it. After replacing it with the new ‘x’ button starts working again as usual.

Connect using the Bluetooth

If you face any problem regarding the ‘x’ button, then you should try once to connect it with Bluetooth. It will work. If you do not know how to connect it with Bluetooth, then get knowledge about it.

Firstly, you have to switch on the ps4 and the tv. Then using the controller and depressing the share button and holding and depressing the ps button along with it simultaneously for 5 seconds can easily connect it by Bluetooth.

So it is only the method from which you can connect the ps4 using Bluetooth.

By accurate calibration of the dual sense battery

Spending more time on the ps4 and playing games the battery becomes reduced. Also, the calibration becomes disturbed, and when you charge it again, then the calibration becomes good.

So now you have to calibrate the dual sense battery accurately. It can start the function of the x button and also reduce more troubles.

For this, you just have to play the game on the ps4 until its battery becomes finished.

For this, you do not need to press the x button, then connect the controller of the ps4 with the console again and wait for a few minutes until the yellow light becomes off properly.

Then restart the controller, and the button x and all buttons also start performing.

By resetting the controller

Many messes will be solved if you try the reset option. It is not a full trouble process. And after this, the ‘x’ button starts its performance normally, and then you can give the confirm command and start gaming again without any difficulty.

To reset the controller, First, you have to detach the controller from the console, and on the back side of the ps4 controller, you can see the petite hole.

Then take a pin, put it in the hole, and wait for 5 seconds. After this, the controller becomes reset perfectly, and then you can use all buttons on the controller, including the x button.

Spotless the buttons

spotless the buttons

While playing gaming regularly, the dirt particles enter the surface of the buttons, and then the dirt stops its performance, so when you look at the dirt becoming hard on the surface, you have to clean it properly.

For cleaning, open the controller fully and then take a microfiber cloth because it is best for cleaning electronic appliances.

Next, clean the button and remove all the dirt from its surface by rubbing it. Do not rub too hard it will ruin the buttons.

After cleaning, fix the buttons in their accurate position and then close the controller. After this process, the x button starts working, and now you can enjoy the games regularly.

My advice is to clean the controller after every few weeks. It will give you a tremendous experience.

Pair the controller again

Another amazing method is to again pair the controller with the ps4 because sometimes, in the pairing. It starts making trouble and stops the actions of the button.

In cases of the ‘x’ button. First, you have to un-pair the controller and then pair it again. After this operation, the buttons start working.


When the gamer faces a disturbance in the game, it becomes very disappointing, and also, in the cases of the controller defecting, he wants to change, but he can not do this because the store is very far from its house.

At this spot, the solution is only an article, so you need to read this. Because there are complete procedures regarding the problems of the x button, so keep reading and resolve your problem.

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