PS4 controller not charging from wall

PS4 controller not charging from wall. The controller works on a battery and can perform functions if it has battery power. It needs charging to start all its functionality.

The main and common source to charge it is electricity, and by joining it with the electric point, you can charge it, play games, and enjoy entertainment more.

But due to several reasons, it stops charging. It may be a defect in the battery, the worst condition of the electric receptacle, irrelevant or worst charger, mismanagement of the setting, and more.

PS4 controller not charging from wall

If you think it is impossible for you to fix this problem, now you should not be so tense about that because I am telling you about all the solutions regarding the charging of the ps4 controller.

After reading, you can easily replace the battery, manage the settings, reset the controller completely, and also find all reasons behind this problem, so keep focusing on the article and start reading…

Inspect the condition of the electric point

inspect the condition of the electric point

Keep in mind that in the worst conditions, an electric point can not charge the controller, even all appliances like this too. So, first of all, you inspect and check it.

May the problem is in the electricity point. So for this, by using other appliances, you can easily determine their condition and whether it is working better or not.

So next, you have to attach another appliance. But I consider the mobile now for making the clarity and concept in your mind.

So now connect the charger of the mobile to the effective wall outlet and wait if you see it is not charging the mobile, then it is sure that the electric point is in the worst condition, so now you have to charge the controller with the different wall outlet in your house. It starts tasking.

Examine the charging cable of the controller

Occasionally, the charging cable becomes ruined when it becomes old or used more and more. So before inspecting any other problem, first, you should look at the condition of the cable.

If you see it is broken or not charging the other controller, then it means this time is accurate to replace the older to the new one.

Clean the controller’s port

Dirt in the port always affects the charging system and stops the power from entering the controller for storage, so if you face this trouble from time to time, then you should clean the port of the controller.

You have to open the body of the port if you want to remove the dirt particle from it.

So open the screw behind the controller using a screwdriver, and then you can see the controller’s motherboard and detach the controller’s cable.

After this, you can see the port. You can clean the dirt from it by using a small wooden stick or a toothpick.

If it is difficult to remove the dirt particles or you see any damage, then you can replace this port with a new one. It is very effortless. You just need to adjust the new one in its position and remove the previous port.

Upturned the front to charge the controller

It is another method that looks awkward to do, but most of the time, it works.

For this, you have to upturn the backside of the controller and then attach the charging cable with it because when you upturn the front of the controller, the dirt particles change their position, so when you charge it in this position, it starts saving the energy in its battery.

Once reset, the ps4 controller

once reset, the ps4 controller

As you see, all are working ok, but still, the ps4 is not charging from the wall. My advice is to reset the controller.

To do a reset, take a small pin and then put it in the hole, which is at the backside of the controller, and then press the pin for at least 10 seconds and then take the pin out.

Then connect the charger from the wall and attach it to the controller. It starts charging, and then the problem becomes sorted out, and you can continue gaming for fun.

Also, do reset the ps4

You can also try to reset the ps4. If you want a permanent solution, you must unplug the ps4.

Then in front of the box, you can see the very small button which is for resetting, so you have to depress it, and then it will also reset.

Now you can use it for a long time, and because of it, all settings of ps4 become managed automatically according to the system default.


PS4 controller not charging from wall. Ps4 controller is made up of high-class material and can not break or defect easily, but most of the time, due to dirt particles and other factors, it stops storing the power from the wall.

But it is not so big trouble to solve this type of problem. After reading, you can do it yourself without any more difficulties. And also can play the games with peace of mind.

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