Phone won’t make calls but i can text

Phone won’t make calls but i can text. The phone is the best device to connect you and your circle to each other. When the phone stop calling, then it means you are far from the world activities and also from your family and friends.

Airplane mode, lower software version, low credit amount, moisture in the jack, etc., become the cause of this type of problem.

Most people don’t have much time to text. They prefer calls more, so they want the solution. All solutions available here are free of cost so that you can get rid of trouble simply in a short time.

Phone won’t make calls but i can text

All deals or your link which are connected by calls will ruin all if your phone stops making calls. It will be trouble for you so solve it quickly.

If you want to solve it quickly and remain safe from all types of mishaps, then carefully go along with my research and keep following all the steps and get an immediate solution.

Notice the Airplane Mode

notice the airplane mode

See on the top of the display; if there is a sign of an airplane displaying on it, then it means your phone is in airplane mode. Airplane mode does not allow receiving and forwarding calls. Turn it OFF.

To turn it off, Tap on the airplane sign then you will see a screen appear with the option of Aeroplain OFF and ON. You just need to select OFF. An airplane mode will change to normal mode.

Signals Disturbance

If your phone is not making calls, check the signal strength on top of the display. If it shows one or two signal signs out of five, then it means there is an issue with signal coverage where you are standing.

Change your position where you will see good signal strength, then make calls. It will connect.

If you are standing in the room or basement, then Go to the open area. The signal strength becomes low to high, and you will make calls simply without disturbance.

Determine the best Plan

Sometimes, your phone won’t forward the calls because the plan ends. Sometimes you call more than the provided limit, and you can’t analyze how much you use your limit, and your phone stops calling.

To get rid of this, select the plan according to your need or unlimited, then you can forward calls more and more. After this step, it does not make any type of disturbance during making calls.

Turn Off the disturb Mode

turn off the disturb mode

The do not disturb option can disable all calls if you are facing the calling issue, then check whether your phone is on disturb mode or not.

Tap on the top a slide appears, which has different options. See the disturb mode option.

It will show on, and then you have to turn it OFF. After doing this, your phone will be able to make and receive all calls.

Clean moisture in SIM jack

After using a long time, moisture enters the SIM jack and makes a distraction to making and receiving calls. Moisture on the SIM chip is also a big reason behind this.

Firstly take out the jack from the phone by using inserting a pin in the side hole near the SIM area. A tray will out from the mobile.

Clean the SIM tray by using a cotton swab or a soft and small piece of clean cloth. After this, clean the chips of SIMS and then reinstall it. Then you can make calls without distraction.

Turn on call forwarding

turn on call forwarding

By the wrong touch on the panel or call forwarding option, your phone turns off all calls but not texts. You have to solve this

First of all, go to the setting option, then select the call option. After this, a screen is displayed, from which there is a list of different options.

Select the call forwarding option and Enable it, then turn to the call menu and make a call to check. It definitely works.

Deactivated/Blocked SIM

If you make a call but it is not connecting, then check the signal on the top. If there is a sign of a cross with the signal option, then it means your sim is black or deactivated.

To solve it, make a call to sim customer service or go to the sim outlet and unblock/activate the SIM. After this, the signals become available and ready to use and make calls.

By Restarting your phone

If you are still confused and don’t know the reason behind this and see all settings looking good, then it has a simple solution: restart your phone. Both Android and apple user can restart their phone by using the same technique.

You just need to press the power button for a few seconds; a list will appear; you must select the restart option. After this, your phone will turn OFF and auto-turn ON.

You don’t need to press any more buttons. After restarting your phone, make calls and text too.


Phone won’t make calls but i can text. No one wants calls issues because most people are doing their work through calls. It also makes many problems for the business person.

Many people become sad when their phone does not make calls and just texts. But after reading this article, your sadness will be converted into happiness because here, many simple tips are available to solve all the calling problems.

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