One section of lights not working

One section of lights not working. The light looks beautiful when it is ON. It makes you sad when the lights become off or half off at the event or on Christmas.

This Problem rises when there is a loose connection or a disturbed bulb in the whole strand because if one bulb is damaged, it stops half section, and the current does not pass from it.

These lights are tiny and most used at Christmas or for decoration. Lights look very attractive at events due to their different colors.

If you dont have time to change it and the guests are at home, then dont worry. There are the best solutions from which you can adjust it.

One section of lights not working

When one section of light stops working, then you have two options. One is to troubleshoot it, and the second is to replace it but choosing the first option is best because it has not only one but many solutions.

Check the points below if you are excited to know the solutions and do not want to replace the light. It will help you in most cases.

Disturb Wire

disturb wire

Sometimes you see the half-light section is working, but others do not work. Then to solve, you first have to observe the problem.

You should check the whole wire. If you see any cut or gap, then fix it. You can fix it by cutting the wire using a cutter plier.

After this, you only need to cut the wire, and then you have to reconnect the new wire, then join it with each other, tape it to protect it from the current, and then plug it in again.

One Bulb issue

If half of the section is not working, check the disturbing bulb in the section, so you have to take out this button. Cut the bulb and attach the other side of the wire to each other.

The current will start flowing, and the light becomes blow again. Damaged bulbs don’t allow to pass the current result half section stop working.

  • To Check Burnt Bulb

Suppose it is difficult for you to check which bulb is burnt. Then you need a tool because if you can’t see the bulb by its condition, then you need the bulb tester tool.

It is the best way to check the burnt bulb. It will indicate to you the exact bulb and how many bulbs are affected. After checking, you can replace the bulb.

Change the fuse

In many cases, the fuse becomes faulty, and the light half-section becomes stops. First, check the fuses by tool whether it is working or not.

If the voltage does not output correctly, then replace the fuse with a new after this, the voltage becomes normal, a current will transfer in all of the bulbs, and it starts lightning.

To replace the fuse. First, open the box with a plier, see the defective fuse, decently separate it from the body, replace the new one, close the box using a plier and tighten the screws. It is ready to use.

Use for a long time

use for a long time

If you want to use these in your next event or at Christmas, then prevention can easily help you to do it and again use it without interruption. Before storing, check the bulb or any cut on the wire.

If you see the cut, then troubleshoot it, and if you find the worst bulb, then replace it with a new one. Now you can save it for next time.

Defect in connector

If users use one or more lights to increase the length, they use a connector. Sometimes there is a defect in the connector, not in the light. Check the connector of the effective section.

If you see any defect in the female or male side, then you have to replace it. After replacing the connector, the current will pass properly, and all lights will start working.


Always check the cut on the wire before turning it ON. Parts of light are tiny and sensitive, so you must be careful when setting it on a tree or decorating.

For long-time use, you need to replace the bulb and remove the cuts before storing. Check the fuse if you face any problems regarding the section. Buy the extra fuse. You must have a good-quality connector.


One section of lights not working. It happens to many people because they do not care about it. I am feeling very bad using the word care. In reality, it is true.

Because of no care causes, half the section stopped working. If you see cuts, you need to troubleshoot the cuts, and if you find a fuse problem, you can replace them.

So the steps mentioned above can be troubleshot easily after reading all of them.

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