No supported app for this NFC tag

No supported app for this NFC tag. Nfc tags play a vital role in phones. It is mainly used for the charging process. But in most smartphones, it has errors like ‘not supporting.’

It is not very expensive and is available on most mobiles worldwide, but some phones do not support it. There are many reasons behind it which we discuss here.

Not discussing all problems is necessary, but knowing the primary and essential points is compulsory. So you should know about it.

No supported app for this NFC tag

To fix this, you have to follow some simple steps. You can register your device card, use RFID Blocking Technology, and disable the NFC option.

All steps are here with the full definition and the procedures, so read them carefully.

Registering the card

registering the card

If your smartphone is showing ‘not supporting’ because your phone has no NFC tag option, then you should install these applications using the card.

Yes, if you register your card for installation, your phone can easily download all these applications without appearing the error of the ‘NFC tags.’

Enable the NFC

Most of the time, this error arises when in your phone, the NFC mode is disabled, so when you want to add the application, this error comes on the screen. So first, you need to enable it by a straightforward method.

To enable it, you have to go to the setting and then the Bluetooth option, and then you can see the NFC option. After finding it, you can see that it is disabled by default, so do enable it, and now you can install the application without any more errors.

By disabling the NFC

‘not supported’ does not come only when the NFC of your smartphone is disabled. It also comes when you want to install an application that can not support the NFC tag, then you need to disable it.

It is not difficult to disable it. It would be best if you went to the setting menu of your phone, and then you have to find the option of Bluetooth in the list of the setting menu.

After this, you can see the NFC option; After looking at it, disable it by tapping on it. So, now you can download and install all the applications without any distractions.

By turning off the NFC payment

In a few situations, this problem is creat when the payment method is ON. Then, you have to turn it off if you see it happening because of the payment option.

First, you have to go to the setting icon in the menu of your phone and then select the connection option in the list.

Then, you can easily see the option named ‘NFC and payment,’ so the next step is to disable it. After disabling it, you can get the apps.

In the android phones

Firstly you have to select the setting in the menu of the android phone, and then you have to select the option of the connected devices and then go into the connection preferences.

After this, see the ‘NFC’ and the android beam option; you have to turn them ON.

By restarting the phone once

by restarting the phone once

Another unique procedure to eliminate this problem is to restart the phone. Because restarting the phone once can solve that type of error without any software or hardware damage.

So you first have to restart your phone once. Do not try it many times because it can harm your phone’s hardware.

After restarting, I hope you can never see the ‘not supported error.’

Remove irrelevant items

If there are many NFC tag items on your phone that are unauthorized or unnecessary, the phone starts showing the not supported error, so now you have to clear all unnecessary tags.

Most users confirmed that this procedure work and that they sort out this error with this procedure, so you also have to try once and remove the non-distractive problems.


Nfc mode has many vital roles in the phone, and it is also very essential. Still, sometimes it shows the error, and you will not have much information about that, so if you want to disappear it permanently, you should follow the methods I mentioned in the above section of the article.

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