Nintendo switch controller not working when attached

Nintendo switch controller not working when attached. Nintendo’s controller performs a unique role in gaming because it consists of many buttons, which are essential while gaming.

But most of the time, it ceases working also when it is attached.

This problem generates when it is not paring properly with the device, the lowest version of the software, if it is in airplane mode, if any breakage is in the controller, or if it is not well settled with the console.

If you are a systematic gamer or if gaming is more important for you as compared to other tasks, then I can understand that this problem is not so small for you. But now will be free from any type of tension.

Nintendo switch controller not working when attached

Don’t think so negatively that it is impossible, etc., because you can troubleshoot this yourself by re-pairing the device, turning off the airplane mode, and also with the short techniques in the below phase.

If your tolerance limit and also the limit of more wait are over, then now I will not leave you in this situation, so I am sharing the whole troubleshooting to free you from this frustration. So let’s read this.

Turn off the airplane mode

turn off the airplane mode

If your Nintendo switch controller is not working best but attaches accurately, then you have to examine its mode of it.

Because if the mode of the controller is adjusted to airplane mode, then it attaches easily but can not perform some activities for entertainment stuff.

  • Procedure

So now you need to start the procedure to turn the airplane mode off. So first select the home button on the controller and then tap on the screen at least three times instantly.

By using the gear icon select the option again named ‘access system setting.

Now you can see the airplane mode is on, and it is on the left side. Then slide it into the right side then it will turn off. After that, the problem will sort out.

Probe the latest update

If the Nintendo controller stop working after the attachment, then usually the problem is the older version of the software or when a new update is awaiting downloading.

So once you should probe about the latest update whether it is here or not so for this…

  • Procedure

First of all, ensure that it is online perfectly, and then select the home button. After this, you can see the system setting, then select it.

Next, you have to select the system button, and then last, you need to select the system update option.

If, at this spot, the update is available, then you can not need to press any more buttons or select any option again because, after this, it will auto-updating the software without any disturbance.

Solve by restarting

Occasionally it happens due to some temporary defect in the setting, but it seems big. In reality, you can try most simple troubleshooting to solve it immediately, that is, using the option of restarting the controller.

  • Procedure

So, to restart the Nintendo controller, you need to depress and hold down the power button for not more than 3 seconds.

You can see the options list, so now you have to select the restart option, and after this, it becomes restart, and after this process, you can see the problem is sorted out now. So now you can continue it for entertainment purposes.

Pair and unpair the Nintendo controller

pair and unpair the nintendo controller

Usually, when you pair an excessive amount or over the limit of devices, then this problem arises. So you have to reduce the number of devices first.

Because most of the time, due to long pairing sessions, the device will not start the process.

So there you need to unpair it first and then again perform a paring it will solve so if you dont know the procedure of it then for this…

  • Procedure to unpair

Firstly, you need to select the settings option. Then you have to select the controller and sensors option, then select the option name ‘disconnect controller.

After this, depress the X button long. It will unpair the device.

  • Procedure to re-pair

Now, you should pair it again. For this, you have to select the previously paired device.

In case it does not start pairing, then you need to select the Change grip/Order option and then next choose the SYNC to pair this time. It will work in an amazing way.

Examine the condition of the battery

If the battery of the Nintendo controller is in inferior condition or the battery level is low, then it also creates such type of trouble for the users.

  • Procedure

So now you have to examine the condition of the battery. If it is of bad quality, then you have to replace it with a new and suitable battery.

In other cases, you see the charging level of the battery is also low, and then you have to charge it utterly.


Nintendo switch controller not working when attached. In the ending phase, I expect that after reading, you can understand that these procedures are better and all of them help you more to solve this trouble.

I hope you have never ever seen this simple and easy procedure to solve this trouble before. If it is true, then I hope you will share it with your friends’ community.

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