Nexus 5x troubleshooting

Nexus 5x troubleshooting. Undoubtedly, nexus is one of the best brands because of its specifications, but most of the time, many problems create at different moments, so you should have information about it.

In this article, I am telling you the most ordinary trouble and the troubleshooting about wifi, Bluetooth, keyboard, sensors, boot loop, and many more, which are in the below section of this.

So if you are blankly minded regarding this problem and do not know why it happens and what their troubleshooting is, now you can get all of these only in one article.

Nexus 5x troubleshooting

If you are so tense, that is why your nexus creates difficulties day by day and increase the depression level of your body, so now I am here to tell you all the reason behind these defects and also troubleshoots.

I am sharing the troubleshooting of the following I am telling in the upper session, so if you are focused at that point, you have to read it thoroughly.

Then I am sure that you can get the troubleshooting. So let’s start the explanation without wasting more time.

Defective Bluetooth

defective bluetooth

This problem is so ordinary. If you are facing it, then the main problem it of connectivity. In this situation, you want to add the device, but it can not start connecting.

It is very common, and if you are finding the best troubleshooting, then I have…

  • Solution

First of all, it happens when more devices are paired with the nexus 5 because every mobile has a limit to add the number of devices, so if it becomes full, then no more devices will add to the Bluetooth.

So for this, you need to go to the setting option of the menu and then select the Bluetooth option. Then, you can easily see the list of paired devices now. You have to clean/unpaired all of them and then select the Done button.

After this, try to attach a new device. It will work really un-intractable.

Defective keyboard

The other trouble with the nexus x5 is the keyboard. Many people face this problem. The nexus 5x performs slowly and hangs most of the time.

It is not huge trouble, but with the help of some precautions, you can never face this trouble again.


So, to remain free from this tension, you should not use your mobile while it is on charging, turn off the feature of autofill and auto-correct, and keep clean the system caches from time to time when necessary.

In this case, due to any lack of care, the keyboard stop working ordinary; then for this, the troubleshooting is…

  • Solutions

If the keyboard tuck during typing the text, then you have to restart it by pressing the power button long until the screen becomes black.

After turning it on, turn off the autocorrect option and then clear the cache of the keyboard app and of its dictionary, and then you have to clean the system caches also.

After this step, the keyboard starts working without disturbance, so when you feel it become slow or stuck, then try this.

Defective wifi

defective wifi

In the wifi of nexus 5x, the main problem user face is connectivity.

It is happening because of different reasons, and if you are also on the list of those effective people, then now you can solve it through amazing troubleshooting. So for this…

  • Solution

So at this stage, you have to restart the router and then check the availability of firmware on your mobile.

If It is here, then update it and then restart the nexus 5x, so next, upgrade the band GHz from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz because it is high performing band for tremendous connectivity and, in the end, clear the system partition caches.

So now it will remain ready every time when you want to connect it from the router.

Defective apps

If your mobile is making more trouble, for example, speed is becoming decrease time to time, etc., then extra or older update applications are the reason, so to get rid of this trouble, you have to apply the given below procedure…

  • Solution

So now you need to clear the app caches and the extra data caches immediately. Then update those applications which are still on the pending list.

Next, again install the apps which are making problems, and the last one is once you try your nexus x5 in safe mode. After this, it will work amazingly.

Defective proximity sensor

This sensor performs an ideal role while calling. The big purpose of the proximity sensor is to turn off the display light while calling and turn it on automatically after disconnecting the calls.

It protects the user from any harmful effects of light radiation.

  • Solution

So to adjust it, you can apply different codes which are available on the internet, or you can also do this by tapping the power button again and again.

If you still do not find the solution, then it may be defects in the hardware, so that you can visit the store technician.


In the end, I hope you will understand the main reason and the solutions behind the keyboard, sensor, wifi, Bluetooth, and applications properly, which are most ordinary.

If you are satisfied with my article, then keep following my other articles.

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