Nespresso orange light blinking twice

Nespresso orange light blinking twice. Nespresso is a hot beverage and is very important in the morning for those who like coffee the most. Many people buy their own machines to make them themselves. But sometimes they face some problems.

The person feels very sad when the machine starts blinking orange light twice or stops working. It happens when the machine starts the process of making Nespresso but it cant work. Behind this problem there are some reasons.

But now, it does not mean that you can’t make coffee ever. You can troubleshoot the problem and enjoy the coffee again.

Nespresso orange light blinking twice

This problem can create because of blockage of air and water in the water outlet. It also happens when the machine becomes overheated, and the orange light becomes still.

You can solve this problem by using some easy troubleshoots, and you can continue the process of making Nespresso.

Blinking Twice Per Second-Need To Clean

blinking twice per second need to clean

The machine’s orange light does not blink in on type. Light blink twice according to its problem by checking the light. You can also detect the problem if the light blinks twice per second. It has a solution.

  • Procedure to take out parts

First, open the head of the machine and take out the capsules if you do not take them out after the last beverage.

Grad a clean cloth or paper and clean the head if it is residue on the ground. Then get the water tank out and clean it completely.

Rinse the cup support and then set the container at least 30 to 35 ounces under the spout of the coffee. After this, remove the tray and also the remaining capsules and wash them properly.

  • Further Procedure

Close the head of the machine by turning the handle on the left side to lock it.

At this point, the machine starts overheating and blocking the light, but dont worry; it happens after a few seconds it will close automatically. Now it is ready to clean.

  • Procedure Of Cleaning/Checking

To begin cleaning, you must push the button thrice within two seconds. It takes two minutes, and water will flow up. Other procedures take 7 minutes to clean.

You can stop the cleaning procedure by only pushing one button. And if you want to start the cleaning, you can do it simply by pressing only one button.

Blinking two times in one second and pause

Three conditions are making this trouble first is the preparation of coffee time, the second is at the time of the descaling process, and the third is at the time of programming value.

If you want to rid of this issue, then insert the capsules correctly into the machine, then lock the machine in the correct way.

After this, you have to use a new pod if you want to make Nespresso again. Following this step will solve your problem, and you can start making coffee.

Blockage in water inlet

blockage in water inlet

when your coffee machine starts blinking light twice, it means there is a problem with the machine. Because of this, the machine stops to heat water, and it also stops making espresso.

To unblock the inlet, you should turn it OFF and remove the water tank from its position. Then by using a pipe cleaner or a pipe clip, clean it properly.

Fill the water in the tank, set it back into its position, and start checking the machine.

Overheating of Machine

Sometimes orange light occurs because it becomes overheated after using a long time, but it is easy to solve.

First, Turn off the machine’s power button and then take out the cable of the machine from the wall socket, then wait until its temperature decreases.

After 20 to 25 minutes, check if the machine is cool. If it is, then you can start it again.

Machine blink twice and then steady

If the machine blinks twice and then becomes steady, It is not hard to solve this. You just have to plug out the machine and wait for only 30 seconds.

After this, connect the cable again then the orange light problem will solve.


Always switch OFF the machine after making coffee and plug it out. Remove the capsules after making the coffee. Wash the water inlet after a few days regularly.

Clean the head of the coffee machine after making coffee at least 3 to 4 times. Maintain the machine regularly and use it in a gentle way.


Nespresso orange light blinking twice. In this article, there is the full detail of troubleshooting if your Nespresso machine strat blinking light twice.

The big reason behind this issue is cleaning. Most people use the machine and don’t care about it and also don’t clean it properly, and the machine becomes damaged.

Whenever you see the light of it is orange, you have to follow the abovementioned point it will help you clean the machine completely in less time.

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