My acer chromebook won’t turn on

My acer chromebook won’t turn on. Acer Chromebook looks tremendous when it is working, but users feel disappointed when it stops turning on. It is not a big problem.

Many peoples walk through this phase once in their life. By checking some settings and also by using some troubleshooting, you can get solutions very quickly.

When the Acer’s charging is down, some problems in the operating system, hardware defects, and external interface issues are the main problems that occur most of the time.

My acer chromebook won’t turn on

All solutions are available, and it is accessible to all of you. You can solve it by charging the battery, fixing the hardware or rebooting the operation system, and many more that we will discuss here.

If you want the best troubleshooting, follow all these steps, and after applying them, you can get the best results, which you have never gotten before.

Eject the external drives

eject the external drives

Many users attach external drives like USB and external hard drives etc. and forget to eject them.

When they start the Acer Chromebook, it interacts with the operating system or with the boot-up system, and the Chromebook doesn’t turn ON.

So you should eject all the external drives which are attached to your Acer Chromebook and then start the Chromebook. It will work.

Defected Charging

The defective charger can not charge your Acer Chromebook. Sometimes the light of the charger adapter is ON., but it does not provide power to the battery, and the battery remains low.

First, you have to check the charger. Charge your Chromebook for at least 4 hours, then check whether it is charged or not.

If the battery level is still down, then the problem is in the charger, not in Chromebook, so it’s time to replace it with new one.

Stop the extra running apps

Fews running apps is important for the Chromebook, but running the extra application can harm the system. It creates many problems, but most problems occur when it stops turning ON.

To get rid of this, you must stop all the extra running apps that are processing in the background.

After this, your Chromebook will easily turn on and not make any more issues. This step is also very helpful for battery time and will increase its life.

Sign in to more account

Most users, especially businessmen who work in the information technology field, have many accounts on different platforms.

In their busy routine, they forget to sign out of most of the accounts and then shut down the laptop, and when they want to start it again, it does not perform any function.

It happens when most accounts remain sign-in on the Acer Chromebook. The best solution is to sign out all accounts after usage and shut the system OFF.

Installing the new version of the OS

In the Acer Chromebook, The chrome operating system is installed by default. If you are facing this problem and have the lower version of Chrome OS, it occurs because of the lower version.

Now you need to install the latest version of the Chrome operating system on your laptop. You can fresh the os using the internet. After this problem sorts out, you can enjoy a distraction-free performance.

Try new battery

try new battery

If the charger is working accurately, but the battery is not storing the power, then it causes the issue of turning ON.

Attach your charger to another laptop. If it stores the battery power, it is confirmed that the previous battery is useless now, so buy a new battery, set it in the Acer Chromebook, and recharge it.

The trouble will be resolved, and you can carry on with your work.

Do power reset

Sometimes many caches start running in the background, and you can not see them.

When you start the Acer Chromebook, it does not perform any function and remains turned OFF. Now you can do the power reset of your Acer Chromebook.

For this, you have to press the refresh keys and power button at the same time. It will start automatically, and the cache of the RAM, which blocks it from starting the laptop, will clear fully.

Don’t Do this

If you never want to face this again, follow some steps next time that should not be performed again. First, don’t remain signed in all the accounts.

The second is don’t use an older version of the OS for a long time. And the last one is to consistently clear the background running app after some days.


My acer chromebook won’t turn on. Because of many reasons, Acer Chromebook won’t turn ON. There are many reasons, like a bad battery, the worst charger, the low version of the os, and many more, which we discuss above.

After long research, I am writing the accurate troubleshooting so you can solve all these problems at your place without going to the IT support shop. After following these steps, I hope very great that you can get the best results.

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