Mr coffee maker not working

Mr coffee maker not working. Mr coffee is one of the best coffee maker brands. You can get an amazing experience after making coffee with that. Sometimes it creates a problem or stops working.

It stops working because of many reasons like dirt in the machine, unstable filter position, worst switch condition, and many more, which we will discuss here.

I come with simple troubleshooting of all these problems so you can solve them without taking the help of another person at your current place.

Mr coffee maker not working

Mr coffee is a machine, and you can not trust the machine because it stops working at any stage. Its problems often arise for different reasons, but they all have a solution, like cleaning the dirt, balancing the filter, replacing the switch with new ones, etc.

There is complete detail to diagnose the issue here and also the solution to all your difficulties regarding Mr coffee.

Due to an unstable filter

due to an unstable filter

Sometimes you see the Mr coffee maker stops working. The reason behind this is an unstable adjustment of the filter of the coffee.

Now to continue making coffee, you have to open the lid and see the filter. It is set on unstable or unbalanced. You need to stable/ balance it and then start the machine.

Worst condition switchboard

If the machine stops working, it does not mean that only there is always a problem in the internal system of the machine. Sometimes, the disturbance is created due to external resources.

You need to check the switchboard so connect the wire of another device with this. If it also does not work, then it is confirmed that your switchboard is defective or in bad condition.

Then it’s time to replace it with a new and then you will be able to make new coffee and start the day with full refreshments.

Dirt particles in the maker

When you don’t clean the surface and the internal body of the machine, then after some days, the dirt particles become hard in the inner body, especially in the filter, so it stops the machine from preparing coffee. So you need to clean it properly.

First, take clean water in the bowl and add 3 to 5 glasses of vinegar to it, then start the machine by pressing the push button for almost 2 to4 minutes.

When the machine becomes warm, add vinegar water to the filter. After some minutes, clean it with simple water. After this, the dirt becomes clean, and the machine will start working again.

Analyze the element

Mr coffee maker and most machines consist of two elements first are a heating element and second is thermal fuses.

  • Heating element

if the machine stops working, then it may be an issue with the heating element so first, turn off the machine and then open it from the bottom of it.

After taking out the bottom plastic, you see a heating fuse connected with the U-shaped. Check if it burnt or not. If burnt, then change it.

  • Thermal fuse

A defect in the thermal fuse can also stop the machining process, so you need to check it too. After opening the bottom of the machine, you can see the long needle-shaped thermal fuses.

Check if it is out of its place, then adjust it. Because of this, the heating element also loses its power, so you have to change both to enjoy your morning.

Low volume water

If you turn ON the machine to make the coffee, the light is still showing ON.

When you start the process or push the start button, the machine beeps continuously, and the brews remain in the same position; then, it is an issue of low-volume water, so check the water.

If it is half, you have to fill the reservoir’s water to full level at the top, and then you can start making coffee again

Check the power supply

check the power supply

The also a reason for the low power wall outlet or problem with the circuit breaker. First, Inspect the circuit breaker to see if it is faulty, then resolve it, and then check the wall outlet.

You need to connect another device like a tv, personal computer, or any other electronic appliance if it also does not work. Then the problem is with the wall outlet. Replace it.

Defect in the control board

If the control board of the Mr coffee maker is damaged, then it never starts the process because all the indications and the button is an adjusted on it, and you also don’t start the further process.

If you have complete knowledge regarding it, then solve it by yourself. If not, then reach a repair shop and get the service from the expert.


It’s not a huge problem to troubleshoot all of these regarding Mr coffee stopping working.

You can prepare the machine again by following a few steps and start making the coffee for the morning, and it keeps you fresh. You just need to read this article with full focus and apply all the steps completely.

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