Motorola droid Maxx battery removal

Motorola droid Maxx battery removal. Usually, the Motorola Droid Maxx has a tremendous quality battery, but you know that you can not make permanent trust in it. So at any stage, it becomes worst, and you have to change it.

As you know, if you are a regular user of the Motorola Droid Maxx, it has a battery that is fixed in the internal panel of the mobile so it can not take out of your hands. You need the necessary tools for it.

Suppose you are a user but still do not know what the procedure is to replace the battery of it and are not familiar with the special tools to fully and rapidly complete this task. Then just read it.

Motorola droid Maxx battery removal

If you are still in this situation and do not know the procedure and have tried to search for an article related to it but do not find any useful, then free the bad thinking and continue reading it.

Because in this, I am telling you the specific and authentic procedure step by step. And also the right time to apply the step and also precautions that will help you more at this point in your life.

Necessary apparatus

necessary apparatus

If you are starting the replacement of the battery without the necessary tools, then you should not hope that you can do it successfully because the recommended tools are compulsory to complete all types of tasks, so without them, you can not do it.

So for this, you should have the plastic tool, the t6 Torx screwdriver, and, most importantly, the suitable original battery.

Pull out the sim tray

First of all, you have to pull out the tray. For this, you have to take a tiny pin and insert it in the side hole, which is located on the outside of the tray portion, and then it will go out and then remove the sim first.

Screwing off the body

Now take a t6 Torx screwdriver and look at the lower side of the Motorola Droid Maxx.

You can easily see the two fixed screws, so now, using this screwdriver, you have to open both, and after removing them, go to the next step.

Detach the screen

Once the screw becomes removed, the display will separate from the frame, and then by pulling this screen with a decent hand, you can see that the screen is joined with the two strips.

These strips are sensitive and can break rapidly after applying too much force, so be careful at this moment.

Now you have to pull out the strip one by one. First, pull out the upper stips, disconnect them from the internal panel, and then apply the same procedure on the second one.

After this procedure, the screen will separate successfully, and now is the most amazing time to apply the next step.

Take out  the screw from the panel

Now the internal motherboard is in front of you, so now you can see all the elements accurately, and you can also see the screws because the battery is located behind this, so you should open all the screws for replacement.

Now take a t6 Torx screwdriver and start removing the screws one by one; After taking out all the screws then, you have to open the plastic cover, which is located upper left side of the panel.

Separate the frame

For the removal of the battery, you have to separate the frame and the panel because the battery is placed on the back side of it, so take a plastic tool and start separating the frame using it.

Make sure that you are not touching the other components because they have more chance of damage.

Replacement of the new battery

replacement of the new battery

Now it’s a good time to replace a new one. So for this, remove the previous one.

If you see any red silicon sticker, then you should remove it properly and then try to pull out the older battery. So using the plastic pry pull out the battery, ensuring that body is still safe.

Place the new in its position

Now use an accurate size battery and also make sure that you are installing the original battery, not the copy version, because copy version can not give you amazing performance and battery duration, so use the best and most genuine one.

Now you can close the body and start the Motorola droid Maxx again.


Motorola droid Maxx battery removal. In the end, I want to tell you that this procedure is easy, so if you want a tremendous outcome, then you should select this article for yourself and for your friends who are facing this trouble or are at this stage yet.

So I expect that you understand my procedure, and I also hope that you have completed the replacement of the battery.

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