Magic mixer not turning on

Magic mixer not turning on. The magic mixer is the best product for blending, and it works perfectly in all cases. But most of the time, users become sad when it stops turning on.

Behind this, the trouble is in the electric power receptacle, defect in the activator, overheating of the motor, trapped blades, over the fullness of the blade, and more.

All problems have simple solutions, and you can troubleshoot them at less expense and quickly. To see the solution, you should read it.

Magic mixer not turning on

By trying it with another electric receptacle, replacing the power cord, adjusting the activators, cooling down the mixer, fixing the blades, and also applying many procedures.

If you want a quick solution, you should read this article properly, and you can get a bewildering adventure by following these procedures.

Examine the power cord

examine the power cord

Examining the power cord is compulsory because the mixer often stops working due to overheating of the power cord.

If you examine the power cord as defective, you first must change it with a new one.

A faulty power cord stops providing the current to the mixer, so the mixer can not stats its operation.

If the voltage of the current is 120, then it starts working. If the current voltage is lower than 120, then the mixer will not turn ON.

Check the electric receptacle

If the electric receptacle becomes defective for many reasons, it affects all electrical appliances. If it is faulty, you can not use any appliance like an oven, coffee maker, etc.

When the electric receptacle does not provide an electric current, check. When you are sure it is totally damaged, use another one or replace it with the best quality electric receptacle.

Overheating  of the magic mixer

When you blend many objects in the magic mixer, it starts heating, and after a long time of usage, the motor becomes more overheated and stops working when you try to turn it on. It becomes constant, and the light also stops blinking.

So in this situation, you should leave the mixer and wait for its cooling down when you feel the motor become cold or at room temperature, then switch it again and blend the items you want.

My advice for you is that when you use the mixer for excessive time, then after every 15 minutes, give a break to the mixer for at least 5 minutes.

Defective activators

The activator has a unique role in the motor, and good working activators are more essential, Because they provide the signal to the motor for the beginning of the mixing process, so if it is defective, the mixer will not turn on.

So if the activators are in bad condition, then you have to buy new ones and adjust them in the magic mixer.

If you see that the activators are full of dirt, then first you should clean it and then adjust it in the mixer again, and it starts working. In case it does not work still, then change them all.

Smashed cup of mixer

Cup is used for storing the ingredients for blending. If the cup becomes smashed, then the machine can not blend anything. Even that mixer also not turn ON.

If you see that the cup is smashed, do not repair it because it stops working again after a few days. So, replacing the cup with brand new is the best troubleshooting of this.

Leakage in the gasket

leakage in the gasket

In the mixer, behind the blades, rubbers are adjusted. It is also known as a gasket. If it becomes leaks, then the cup stop spinning, and the mixer stops operation. So now it’s time to adjust it.

Broke blade

Occasionally, when the blade becomes broken, it will not make a noise, but when you start mixing the different ingredients, it does not perform any action.

If it breaks, you have to replace it. After replacing it, start mixing the ingredients again perfectly.

Fill the cup too much

Most people fill too many ingredients in the cup of the mixer. So the air space becomes ended, and the blade can not spin. So, always put the ingredients in half of the cup and leave space for air.

And then start the mixer. It will start mixing and easily turn ON.


Having the best quality magic mixer is not enough, but having functional resources is essential for the best experience. If you want a fully working magic mixer, you should have the best power cord, accurate electric receptacle, working blade,  best cup, etc.

You can get all information in this article regarding the turning ON issue of the magic mixer if you want a tremendous experience.

Then you should follow the steps correctly and ensure that you are applying the steps at the right time and that the step you are applying is best for your problem.

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