Macbook pro won’t turn on but is charging

Macbook pro won’t turn on but is charging. In the MacBook pro, most people see several problems. But sometimes they see that their MacBook Pro seems to charge correctly, but it is not turning on. They think it’s a hardware defect.

But the main problem is different. You can repair it without opening the MacBook pro body. Usually, it causes by software problems.

So, I think that going to an apple official outlet or claiming its warranty is not a good idea. At this spot, the best way is to solve it by following all the procedures of the article.

Macbook pro won’t turn on but is charging

You can do it by resetting the SMC, doing a power cycle, detaching all attachments, inspecting the power connection, and many more, which are given in the below section of this article.

So after reading this properly, your mission to start it again will be complete, and you can get happiness by not using more effort.

Detach the battery and then attach it

detach the battery and then attach it

If you are looking that your MacBook Pro is charging accurately, but when you push the startup button, it can not perform any action, or the screen is still constant.

So for this, you just need to detach the battery and then attach it to the MacBook pro again. Usually, it works fantastic and saves you more time.

Open the lock of the tab, and then to uncover the battery, you have to lift the plastic top and pull the battery and the tab to remove it from the MacBook pro.

Remember that you can only apply this method on that MacBook which has the option to remove the battery. Because in the latest MacBooks, the apple brand provides only the irremovable battery.

Take out all the attachments

Most of the time, the MacBook pro starts charging, but the screen seems black. So for this, I have another amazing technique is to take out the cables of all accessories from it.

Then perform a reboot by pressing and holding the power button until the MacBook pro starts powering ON. So it is very useful in this situation, so I advise you to try it.

Try the SMC reset

Suppose your MacBook pro show this problem most of the time, then resetting the SMC is the best option for you. It helps in several cases, not only turning ON difficulty,

So if you feel any problem regarding the exhaust fan, light, component, display, studio, or mic headphone, then you should try this at once for an amazing outcome. For SMC, follow the below procedure.

Firstly, Detach the MacBook charger from the electric power point and all the attachments from it. Then hold down the Shift button, Control button, Options button, and power button together for at least 10 seconds.

Then release all the holding keys, and now it’s time to connect the charger. After attaching the charger, you should restart your MacBook pro by depressing the power button.

After this procedure, it becomes normally starts now, and you can not see the blank or black screen ever.

Procedure to apply power cycle

If the MacBook shows the charging sign but makes them difficult to start the functionality, I am sure the normal power button can not start it, so you have to apply the power cycle procedure.

If you are hearing about the power cycle of the MacBook for the first time, then follow it.

You should connect the charger to the electric receptacle and then depress and hold the power button for 10 seconds. It is an alternative for the removal of the battery and disconnecting the current.

So after depressing it for 10 seconds, leave the power button and then wait for a few seconds.

Succeeding the period of wait, you have to restart your defective MacBook, and then it will work as a normal MacBook. And you can see that the trouble is gone now.

Attempting the recovery boot

attempting the recovery boot

I hope many people know about the recovery mode, but if you are one of those who do not have knowledge about that, then I am providing it all to you.

Recovery boot is an option for users to perform different tasks if they face any difficulty, and if you want to o to this mode, you need to depress the ‘R’ key and the ‘COMMAND’ key at the same time. After this, you will be in recovery mode.

Now you can also see the list having the many options you should select according to your problem, but for this troubleshooting, you have to select the option named ‘DISK UTILITY.’ If you successfully do it, then depress the power button. And start your MacBook pro effortlessly. If problem is not solved and still exist than contact support.


Macbook pro won’t turn on but is charging. If you see that your MacBook Pro is charging but won t turning ON, then you should not throw the MacBook in the waste thinking that it is fully dead.

You should approach the relevant article. No matter if it’s mine or others, the matter is whether it helps you more in this situation or not.

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