Macbook pro fan always on

Macbook pro fan always on. The MacBook is an enormous product of the apple brand, and it is well known too. But sometimes, the wrong usage can create different types of faults in it. In them, the fan fault is also the most common.

This happens because of problems with ventilation, excessive use of heavy files and games, due to more dust, viruses entering the MacBook, the warm temperature of the room, and many more.

If a fan becomes starts all the time, it does not mean the defect is always in the fan or the fan is bad, but in reality, the problem is of another type.

Macbook pro fan always on

It will resolve easily if you clean the dust particles, reduce the background apps, lessen the heavy files, use the anti-virus, reset the SMC by decreasing the room temperature and etc.

In the below section, there is all information regarding this, so watch them and also apply all of these for a tremendous outcome.

Use in the proper position

use in the proper position

The fan is adjusted in the laptop to take out the warm air from the internal body and to keep the motherboard and the internal body cold.

In most models, the fan is adjusted behind or in the corner of the body, so for this, you have to change the position where the air does not block.

After the best position, you can use it by sitting or using it while keeping it on your lap.

Unsullied the vent

Most time, the dirt particles enter the fan and block the air. Because of this, the MacBook becomes warm and can not take out the warm air. So cleaning the fan is a must after this the sound of the fan also becomes low.

In most MacBook models, the fan is situated on the corner or the backside of the body, so you can easily clean it by using a simple small brush.

You can also clean it using compressed air. But be careful while cleaning with compressed air because the water drop can ruin the  MacBook and create another big mess for you.

Reduce the temperature

reduce the temperature

If you are living in a country and area where the weather temperature is too hot and also the temperature of the room where the MacBook is settled is warmer, then you have to reduce the temperature.

Due to the warm room, the MacBook creates more heat, and the fan starts making noise and increases the speed. So always use it in a cold room.

Read the background and heavy apps

When you run heavy files, games, and different apps, then the system becomes hot, and then the fan becomes fast and starts making noise, too, so to force stop or remove the background applications is compulsory. For this

  • Procedure to stop

So firstly, go to the monitor activity, which is in the utility folder, and then go to the CPU option next; all applications will be running in descending order, then check whether the useless or any extra apps are running or not.

If there are some extra apps, then reduce them by just clicking on them and then tap on ‘x’, which you can see in the left corner now, then go back and repeat this procedure again by going to the memory tab option.

By SMC resetting method

by smc resetting method

SMC is another great method to troubleshoot this. SMC (System Management Controller) controls more elements in the MacBook, like a fan, lights, power supply, and more. By resetting the SMC, you can easily get rid of it.

To reset the SMC, You have to switch OFF the MacBook and take out the power cord, too, then stand by it for 15 seconds by holding the control and shift buttons.

After some seconds, leave the keys and turn ON the power button. By waiting 5 seconds more, the SMC will reset.

Good position

Using the MacBook in a good position is also a must for its fan. Always use it on a table that has a flat surface.

Also, where the ventilation is not blocked and has enough space for taking out the warm air. It will reduce the chances of happing this again and again.

Do not play heavy games for a long time in the wrong position.

If you want to play the games for an excessive period, then you should be provided a break to your MacBook after every hour for 15 minutes and then again start playing the game.

Finish the virus

When the virus comes into the MacBook, it defects all files on the hard disk, so the files become heavy and take more load while open So, the fan becomes rapid and makes the irrelevant voice so.

You have to use a good anti-virus and remove the virus. After this, the fan performance becomes normal.

Whenever you buy a new laptop first task that you should do is to install the best version of the anti-virus. It helps you and your data to remain safe from hacking and also from faults of fans and other parts.

Reduce speed manually

reduce speed manually

In many models, you have the possibility to set the speed of the fan manually, so if the speed of the fan is rapid and creates a loud sound, then avail of this option and adjust the speed to slow.

After this, the noise will reduce automatically, and the MacBook remains cool too.

Do not use heavy files

MacBook is an outstanding device, but sometimes heavy files will also make faults in it and increase the fan performance and also make a bad sound.

So do not use too many heavy files at the same time. Use them gradually and separately.

Because when more heavy files become open, the MacBook starts loading too much then the fan becomes rapid and makes this problem.


Macbook pro fan always on. It is not very difficult to reduce the fan speed and resolve any other problems regarding the fan. I am writing all the points from which you can get the best ever solution.

In the end, I hope after reading it properly, you can solve the issue without replacing the fan or going to the MacBook store.

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